10 best relationship advice you ever got?

  1. Never date your ex,(s)he became your ex for a reason. Your ex belongs to your past, move on.
  2. Never hope on marrying someone when almost 70% of their family members don’t like you. The probability of the marriage not lasting is very high and you’re probably not going to enjoy the relationship.
  3. There is a distinct difference between dating for love and dating for sex. Always understand the main reason why you’re venturing into a relationship.
  4. Never fall in love when you are lonely, the consequences are going to be a harsh one.
  5. As long as it is still a relationship, never reveal your full potential or secrets to whoever you are dating.
  6. Your personal development should come first before relationships. People who you are in relationships with can still leave you but you can never leave yourself, meaning never compromise your adventures and dreams for anyone.
  7. Avoid relationships that seems to be too good to be true at the beginning. When the other person is rushing things too fast, don’t get carried away with romance and sex. Slow down and be careful because this is how people get hooked on to narcissistic partners.
  8. Never date someone that gives commands and doesn’t respect you. The probability of emotional abuse is very high.
  9. Never date anybody that doesn’t know how to give but knows only how to take.
  10. Never date anyone with the mindset of changing their character, attitude, and behaviors. Remember, you can never raise an adult!

Thank you all for reading. Since many people could not understand my point 5, I would like to elaborate more on it. Relationship or Dating are both still phases of getting to know each other. Revealing all your secrets like weaknesses might be used as a bait against you. A perfect example would be revealing all your assets, they might just stay in the relationship with you because of what they will probably gain from you, since you have already revealed everything. Hiding some vital informations in a relationship isn’t bad at all. Once you are sure they are the perfect partner your heart desires, then you can open up. At first be careful!