A 16-year-old boy is causing a lot of debate online because he wore a big, fancy dress. Some people think he looks amazing, while others think it’s terrible.

Korben White, a 16-year-old with red hair, got a lot of attention on the internet when he wore a big, fancy dress to his high school prom. His mom, Nina Green, posted a picture of him all dressed up, and some people loved it, saying it’s cool and supports being open-minded. Others criticized it, saying it’s not right for a parent to let their child do this.

When Korben was only 12, he told his mom he wanted to go to his prom wearing a dress. Four years later, in 2022, he made it happen. He calls himself “Miss Frou Frou” when he’s dressed up.

Nina Green said Korben was inspired by American actor Billy Porter and wanted to show his feminine side by wearing a dress with a tuxedo top. She said he wanted to be himself but also wear a dress.

When Korben arrived at Archbishop Sancroft High School for his prom, wearing his sparkly red outfit with a white shirt and a big red bow, everyone there cheered for him. His mom, Nina Green, was really proud. She said people were crying because they were so happy to see Korben being himself. Everyone at the school was supportive, especially his classmates.

Nina Green was really supportive too. She tweeted about how proud she was of Korben for being true to himself and wearing what he wanted to wear. Her tweet got a lot of attention from people all over the world, including Michelle Visage, who is a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She said Korben’s mom is amazing and that Korben is a star.

Korben said it felt really strange that Michelle Visage noticed his mom’s tweet.

“To me, she’s like a superstar, and I really look up to her,” he said.

Nina Green didn’t expect so many people to react to her tweet. She just wanted to show how happy her son was. Other parents even asked her for advice.

Some people shared their own stories and photos. One person said they worry about their son because he wants to do something similar at prom but might not have support from everyone. Another shared that their son is transgender and faced bullying, so they had to take him out of school. He wanted to go to prom in a suit but couldn’t. Another person said their daughter wore a suit to her prom and looked amazing.

While many people showed support and positivity, there were also negative comments that remind us not everyone agrees.

Some people said things like, “Our society doesn’t have much hope,” and “This is terrible. Parents should teach their boys to be manly, not do this.” Another person said, “It’s not right for boys to dress like girls, and it’s worrying that people support it.” Someone else criticized the world, saying, “Kids shouldn’t pretend to be cowboys anymore, but men should pretend to be women. It’s crazy.”

But Nina Green didn’t let the hate affect her. The day after her tweet got big, she and her son went to London Pride together, and she shared a nice photo of them. Some people supported them, saying they looked great, but there were also mean comments, like someone calling her son a bad name.

Green, who talks about ignoring negative comments on Twitter, hopes that her relationship with Korben will inspire other kids and parents.

“I really hope it helps others be more understanding. I want parents to feel proud and know they’re not alone. And I want young people to know they have support if they need it,” she said. “You should accept your children for who they are.”

Korben Green is really brave for being himself! He’s lucky to have a mom who supports him no matter what.

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