A young woman spent $120,000 to change her appearance completely and become what she calls “Dragon Girl.” She shared pictures of how she looked before the transformation.

Being an adult means you have the freedom to do what you want, like picking your clothes and hairstyle. You decide how you want to look.

Amber Luke, a woman from Australia, takes this freedom to a whole new level. She’s in her twenties and her goal is to cover her entire body in tattoos.

She started getting tattoos when she was 16, and it’s become a big part of her life. Amber says she’s spent a lot of money, around $120,000, on tattoos.

But it hasn’t all been easy. A few years ago, she had a scary experience when she got her eyeballs tattooed. The artist went too deep, and she was blind for three weeks. It was tough.


Amber used to look like a typical blonde girl-next-door. But now, she’s changed so much that you might not even recognize her. She’s covered almost every inch of her skin in tattoos and even tattooed her eyeballs. She also got a forked tongue.

She’s spent a lot of money, about $120,000, on these changes. $50,000 went on tattoos, and $70,000 on surgeries.

Some people might find her appearance strange, but for Amber, these changes saved her from feeling depressed and thinking about suicide.

She said, “I used to feel really depressed, like I was just going through the motions of life. But now, I feel proud of who I am. I’m strong and I know what I want.”

A while back, Amber shared some photos of herself from before she started changing her body. Let me tell you, seeing those pictures really makes you think!


When Amber got her first tattoo, some people criticized her. But that hasn’t stopped her from expressing herself through body art. It might not be everyone’s favorite thing, but as long as she’s happy and feels good about herself, that’s what counts!

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