Couple says restaurant fined them for ‘poor parenting’ – the restaurant owner then reveals the truth

Going out for a meal can be a source of stress for parents, as controlling children in public is often challenging. This particular couple faced a similar struggle and claimed to have been ‘fined’ as a result. Continue reading to learn more.

A restaurant in North Georgia took an unexpected step by imposing fines on patrons for what they deemed ‘poor parenting.’ The Toccoa Riverside Restaurant, located outside of Blue Ridge, ignited an online debate: is it fair to charge parents for their children’s misbehavior?

A Reddit user shared their experience at the restaurant, stating, “The owner came out and told me he was adding $50 to my bill because of my children’s behavior… disappointed by the experience.”

A reporter contacted the restaurant to get their side of the story. The owner, Tim Richter, admitted that while the restaurant had added a surcharge during COVID-19 to cover costs, they hadn’t recently charged anyone more than their bill.

Richter explained that he had never threatened anyone with the surcharge until a few weeks ago when a family with nine children visited. He claimed the children were running around uncontrollably. Although he warned the parents, he had never actually charged them the extra money.

“We want parents to be parents,” he stated. The restaurant, situated in the mountains along the Toccoa River, is accustomed to a calm clientele. Despite its popularity, with cars lining the roadside during meal times, Richter believes in maintaining a certain atmosphere.

Laura Spillman, a customer from Florida, expressed disbelief at the policy. “That is crazy. For real? I don’t think you should do it because kids are cute,” she remarked.

Anne Cox, lunching with her family, suggested that the fee might encourage parents to ensure their children behave appropriately. “Parents need to teach kids etiquette… They need to teach kids to behave. There are other people in the world, so they should have fun in the right place,” she commented.

Federico Gambineri, dining with his toddler, found the policy surprising. “This is the first time I’ve heard of that, and having a 20-month-old that maybe isn’t the best behaved at a restaurant, I’m hoping that I don’t get charged,” he said. “I feel that if I were charged, I would be very unhappy about it and probably never recommend the place to somebody.”

Jack Schneider, a regular customer, admitted to mixed emotions about the surcharge. “At the same time, we’ve all sat next to tables where you say hey, do something with that kid. So I really think it’s more on the parents.”

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