Do you see the strange thing in this picture that’s scaring everyone?

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Can you find the creepy thing in this photo that’s making everyone uneasy?

Families often take pictures together, hiring a photographer to capture moments with smiles for official family portraits. Christmas is usually a happy time with lots of smiling pictures. However, there’s one family photo causing a stir online because of something very spooky.

Did you see it? It’s easy to miss. Here’s a clue: check the left side of the picture.

Great job if you found it! It’s quite strange.

Now, take a look at the arm of the younger child if you haven’t already. Whose hand is on it, exactly?



The mysterious arm has sparked many ideas from different people.

Some think a ghost is behind the hand, giving the photo a spooky vibe, whether or not you believe in ghosts.

Another idea is more down-to-earth. Some people believe the middle child was added to the picture using a computer program, and it’s actually the mother’s arm.

Take another look and decide for yourself.




In any case, this is absolutely strange and creepy. We are curious about this family and whether they have any answers. That arm belongs to who?

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