Fans Support Brad Pitt amid His Adopted Daughter Zahara’s Recent Statement

Zahara Jolie-Pitt, the eldest daughter of former Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, has begun a new phase in her life by joining the Alpha Kappa Alpha organization at Spelman College in Atlanta.

In a captivating video shared by Essence, Zahara exuded infectious energy and enthusiasm as she introduced herself during her sorority’s probate ceremony.

Wearing a chic black midi dress, gloves, and pearls, she proudly declared, “My name is Zahara Marley Jolie, coming all the way from the Golden State in the city that is full of angels, Los Angeles, California. I am this line’s number seven.” Fans noticed her decision to omit “Pitt” from her name during this significant moment.

While some commenters expressed support for Pitt, noting his potential positive influence on Zahara’s life, others questioned the scrutiny he faced. One commenter urged caution, emphasizing the importance of Zahara making independent decisions about her relationship with her parents.

Brad Pitt’s Pride in Parenthood In an interview from August 2022, Pitt couldn’t contain his happiness discussing Zahara’s enrollment at Spelman. He expressed immense pride in her intelligence and foresaw a bright future ahead in college.

Watching two of his six children, including their eldest son Maddox, venture off to college, Pitt acknowledged the emotional complexity of seeing them transition into adulthood.

As Zahara prepared to embark on her journey at Spelman, Pitt, a father of six, reflected on the emotional weight of witnessing his children grow into independent adults.

Pitt has always been vocal about his love for his children, and Zahara holds a special place in his heart. In a 2011 interview, he spoke openly about the transformative decision he and Jolie made early in their relationship: to adopt. Despite being unmarried at the time, they were unwavering in their commitment to adoption.

Recalling the pivotal moment when they received the call that led them to Zahara, Pitt emphasized their deliberate approach and readiness to provide a loving home, laying the groundwork for the unique dynamics of the Jolie-Pitt family.

Brad Pitt’s Views on Adoption Pitt’s perspective on adoption extends beyond personal experience. He passionately believes that witnessing suffering fosters a sense of connection, which in turn brings about the responsibility to lend a helping hand. This compassionate outlook has guided the couple’s dedication to international adoption.

Responding to a common inquiry during the interview regarding their decision to adopt children from abroad, particularly Maddox from Cambodia, Zahara from Ethiopia, and Pax from Vietnam, Pitt emphasized that he cannot prioritize one child over another.

Highlighting the significant challenges Zahara faced before adoption, Pitt remarked, “I have witnessed children suffer—like our eldest daughter [Zahara]. I know she wouldn’t be alive [if we hadn’t adopted her].”

Pitt’s words underscore the Jolie-Pitt family’s adoption journey, rooted in love, dedication, and a profound sense of duty to make a positive difference.