Father Shocked: DNA Test Reveals Daughter Isn’t His, But Wife Remains Faithful

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A woman, aged 29, posted a distinctive question on Reddit about a challenge she was dealing with. Before delving into the details, she mentioned being in a long-term relationship with her husband since college and having a deep love for him.

The couple had a 5-year-old daughter, and everything was going smoothly until the 31-year-old man decided to undergo a paternity test. His attitude towards his wife and daughter changed after receiving negative results from the test.

The woman was equally surprised by the test results because she had never been unfaithful to her husband. She couldn’t comprehend why the results indicated that the girl was not biologically related to him.


“There is no other possible father for our daughter. We were already married and actively trying to conceive. I have never been unfaithful, and I would never cheat,” the woman asserted in her Reddit post, clarifying that she had been involved with two men before entering a relationship with her husband.

Following the revelation of the test results, the Redditor described her husband’s changed demeanor. He distanced himself, spending more time at work and reducing communication. He disclosed that he initiated the test due to suspicions, noting the difference in eye color between their daughter (brown eyes) and the couple (blue eyes).

Initially, the man wanted his wife to leave the house, but he later settled down and agreed to discuss the matter. After several conversations, the couple opted to undergo additional tests to resolve the confusion. Little did they anticipate that this decision would unveil another startling truth.


What Happened after the Woman Took a Few Tests?

After several conversations, the woman managed to persuade her husband to let her undergo tests to prove her innocence. Though he agreed not to ask her to leave, he warned that he would be angry if the results indicated infidelity.

Among the planned tests was a blood paternity test involving the woman, her husband, and their daughter, and this uncovered a startling revelation. The results showed that they were not the biological parents of their daughter. The woman shared that this truth had completely upended their world, leading them to involve law enforcement and initiate legal action against the hospital where she gave birth.

Fearing for the well-being of her biological daughter, the woman expressed anxiety about her whereabouts and what the future held for her. The prospect of finding her birth daughter was particularly unsettling.

Being a protective mother, she chose not to disclose the truth to her 5-year-old to safeguard her childhood. She worried that if the information got out, it could lead to gossip and negatively impact her daughter’s life. The woman lamented, saying, “I don’t know what I did to deserve this.”


What Did the Couple Do after Discovering the Truth?


A few weeks later, the woman provided an update on the situation through another Reddit post, noting that her story had gained significant attention, particularly after being shared by several YouTubers.

In her post, the woman disclosed, “We’ve located our biological daughter. She was in foster care.” She explained that a family had initially taken her daughter from the hospital, but authorities removed her after discovering she wasn’t their biological child.

Since then, the girl had been living in foster care. The woman expressed empathy for the family involved but was relieved that her daughter was safe. The couple promptly applied for adoption and took legal action against the hospital for negligence, resulting in a settlement of around $2 million, as mentioned by the woman.

“We’ve explained to our daughter that her sister is going to come stay with us, and we still love her very much,” the woman stated. With plans to start anew, the couple intended to move to another town along with their two daughters.