Fox News host leads prayer on air – causes a major debate online

The sight of news anchors leading a prayer on air is not something viewers typically expect, as news channels often maintain a secular stance. However, Fox News host Pete Hegseth broke from the norm during a segment on Sunday.

In a sponsored segment by a Bible app, Hegseth invited his co-hosts and viewers to join him in prayer on “Fox & Friends.” With a lighthearted tone, he acknowledged the unusual nature of the moment before proceeding with the prayer.

Reading from the Hallow app, Hegseth led a prayer focused on the significance of the Lenten season and the sacrifice of Jesus. His co-hosts bowed their heads in reverence as he spoke, culminating the prayer with a heartfelt “Amen” from Rachel Campos-Duffy.

While Fox News has previously featured expressions of faith on-air, including segments discussing religious figures and prayer, this particular instance garnered mixed reactions from viewers. Some praised the initiative, while others dismissed it as insincere or hypocritical, given the network’s broader content and reputation.

Despite the criticism, the prayer segment sparked discussion about the role of faith in media and society, highlighting the diverse perspectives and beliefs among viewers.