German shepherd saves six-year-old from being attacked by another dog

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Dramatic footage has emerged of a modern-day Lassie saving its owners’ 6-year-old son from being attacked by a neighbor’s dog charging straight toward him.

Videos viewed nearly 45 million times on TikTok show a German shepherd named Tank initially playing with his young pal in front of their Florida home.

Suddenly, a dark dog races toward them from the top right of the screen — with Tank instantly snapping into defense mode.

As the charging would-be attacker nears, Tank moves the boy out of the way and confronts the other dog.

Then, a fierce battle ensues between two dogs while the boy flees toward his home and enters the arms of his mother! This is one of the proofs of how an ordinary dog can save your child’s life and keep the family whole!

Here’s a video for you to see how it really looked: