“How is She 65?”: Sharon Stone’s Bikini Photo Leaves Fans Astonished

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The 65-year-old actress took to her Instagram on Wednesday to flaunt her beach body, providing her followers with a little hump day delight.

Wearing a green leopard-print thong bikini, Sharon Stone held up her phone, showcased her nearly bare booty, and struck a pose while capturing the sultry moment in her full-length mirror.

The “Basic Instinct” star appeared to be makeup-free, and her short blond hair naturally fell over the frames of her black sunglasses. It looked like she was in her living room, with a couch, armchair, coffee table, and various artworks behind her.

Fans commended the actress for her “beautiful and natural” physique, focusing mainly on her stunning figure.

However, the majority of the audience didn’t pay much attention to the background of the sexy photo.

Comments like “Girl still got it 🤘🏼💚☘️,” “Omg, don’t hurt em! 🔥❤️😎 Slaying!” and “Iconic!” flooded the comments section.

Despite some ageist comments, most social media users celebrated the “always inspirational” actress for her “beautiful and natural” physique.

“Sharon, you look fantastic at ANY age. Keep doing you and don’t listen to any haters. You look fantastic, fit, and healthy ❤️,” another supporter gushed.

Even her famous friends showered her with compliments.