Iconic Beauty: Jaclyn Smith, 77, Channels Eternal Youth in Winter White Creation

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Jaclyn Smith, who is 77 years old, shared pictures on her Instagram. She looks very young even though she’s older. You might know her from the show Charlie’s Angels where she played Kelly Garrett.

In the pictures, she’s wearing clothes from her own line called JS for Nordstrom Rack. She has on a soft, knitted cardigan with slightly puffy shoulders. It’s a light cream color.

She also wore some pretty gold jewelry and white jeans. Around her neck, she had on gold chains, chokers, and some pretty pendants. She also wore some special rings, bracelets, and bangles.

Jaclyn also did something nice with her hair. She added some honey and golden colors to her dark hair to make it look even prettier. She styled it in loose, wavy curls that look nice and casual.



She said that this light and comfortable V-neck cardigan can be worn by itself or layered with other clothes.

In another picture, the person who loves 1970s fashion wore a sweater with big, puffy sleeves in a brownish color.

They also wore a pair of dark gray-black jeans that looked a bit worn for a relaxed look.

The person, named Smith, added some fancy rings with green emerald stones and gold hoops to their outfit. They also had a special ring with a diamond and their wedding rings on their fingers.



She talked about the sweater with puffy sleeves in the caption. She said it’s made from a very soft, special kind of knit with a pretty pattern. She really likes how feminine and nice it looks.

The famous actress has already shared how she stays looking young. She said the secret is a special kind of healthy drink called a green smoothie.

Jaclyn Smith is from Houston, and she’s been married four times. She’s been married to Brad Allen, who is a heart doctor, for 25 years. They got married in 1997.

She has two kids from her third marriage to a person who works with making movies, Anthony B. Richmond.



Jaclyn Smith has two grown-up kids. Her son, Gaston, is 40 years old and works as a cameraman, just like his dad. You might have seen his work in movies like Annabelle, The Kids Are All Right, and Chasing Mavericks.

Her daughter, Spencer Margaret, is 36 years old. She’s a fashion designer and is married to Fran Kranz.

Jaclyn is not only a talented actress but also a proud grandma. Her granddaughter Bea is six years old. She was born to Spencer in 2016. Gaston, her son, also became a dad in 2019. His daughter, Olivia Rose, is three years old.