Keanu Reeves: People with ski masks smashed windows and entered his house!”

Burglars with ski masks broke into actor Keanu Reeves’ house on Wednesday night.

As reported by TMZ, the police arrived at the actor’s home in Los Angeles around 7 p.m., finding no one on the property at that time. However, burglars returned one hour after midnight and smashed a window of the villa.

During this incident, they seized Keanu’s gun, and Reeves reportedly was not in the house at that moment.

The investigation is still ongoing, and more details are not yet known. This is not the first time Keanu has been targeted by burglars. In 2014, two men broke into his house, and the same year, several women did the same, although they were fans who entered naked, swam in his pool, and one even sat in his library waiting for him