Kevin Costner Agreed to Have Kids in His 50s as He Was Afraid Wife Would Leave – She’s Filed for Divorce 18 Years Later

Actor Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner have decided to end their 18-year marriage. The couple, who married in 2004, have three children together.

Interestingly, Kevin initially hesitated to have more children despite already being a father of four from a previous marriage. However, he eventually overcame his concerns and had three more children with Christine.

Kevin, known for his roles in acclaimed movies like “Dances with Wolves” and “The Bodyguard,” is a successful actor and a father of seven. However, he initially had reservations about expanding his family in his 50s.

Christine, who is 19 years younger than Kevin, expressed her desire to have children with him. In a 2008 interview, Kevin admitted:

“I was afraid I couldn’t be an effective father.”

He realized that he didn’t want to let his fear of having more children jeopardize his relationship with Christine. Overcoming his hesitations, he embraced fatherhood again, welcoming his fifth child, Cayden, at the age of 52.

While Kevin expressed some concerns about being present for his child’s upbringing, he is actively involved in parenting, spending time with his children and teaching them life lessons.

Kevin shares seven children in total, including three from his first marriage to Cindy Silva, one from a brief relationship, and three with Christine.

Despite Kevin’s past fears that Christine might eventually leave him, their marriage has come to an end after 18 years. While the reasons for the divorce are unclear, Christine cited “irreconcilable differences.”

Both Kevin and Christine have filed for joint custody of their children, and Kevin’s representative has requested privacy for the family during this challenging time.