Kevin Sorbo Says Hollywood Men Aren’t ‘Manly’ And Pays A Heavy Price

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Kevin Sorbo, the 65-year-old actor known for his role as Hercules in the 1995 movie of the same name, has raised concerns about changes in Hollywood over the past two decades. He believes there has been an anti-man campaign in the American film industry that has been altering the portrayal of masculinity.

Sorbo expressed his views in an article titled “Let’s Make Hollywood Manly Again.” He criticized the portrayal of passive men receding into the background while confident, self-assured females take the forefront. He argued that fathers have become targets of mockery, portrayed as useless idiots who contribute nothing to their families or communities.

Although some argue that recent superhero movies feature manly characters, Sorbo disagrees. He believes that society has a skewed understanding of masculinity and should look for male role models on screen that people would want their sons to emulate and their daughters to date.

Sorbo also criticized the normalization of androgynous men and took aim at actor Timothée Chalamet’s fashion choices. He suggested that men today face issues related to alcohol, drugs, video games, pornography, and entertainment addiction, although he didn’t provide concrete evidence for his claims.

He emphasized the need for responsible and committed fathers who can raise their children, defend their homes, provide for their families, and serve self-sacrificially. According to Sorbo, Hollywood should portray heroes for boys who embody these qualities.

Sorbo’s statements have generated controversy, with some finding them over the top and not reflective of current societal attitudes. The debate surrounding these issues continues.