Nepotism Scandal: Kim Kardashian’s Daughter Cast as Simba Sparks Outrage!

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The debate about nepotism in Hollywood is very active these days. The latest topic is about North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband Kanye West have a daughter named North West, who is now ten years old. Recently, North played the role of young Simba in The Lion King’s 30th anniversary concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Jason Weaver, who was the original singing voice of young Simba, praised North’s talent online. However, not everyone was happy about her being chosen for the role.

Many people on social media criticized this casting choice. They accused it of being based on nepotism, which means giving opportunities to someone because of their famous parents. They argued that giving the role to North took it away from another talented child who might not have famous parents.

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One person wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter), “Everyone is saying not to be too harsh on her, and that’s fair, but let’s be real: there are plenty of talented and hard-working 10-year-olds who deserved this far more than North West. She even looks like she didn’t attend rehearsals. Nepotism is a mockery to hard-working people.”

Another person added, “I’m sorry, but casting North West as Simba when there are hundreds of properly trained theater kids with voice coaches, dance skills, and experience was a horrible choice. It definitely makes you question the credibility of the casting director. You let Kim pay to ruin your show.”

Now, some details are coming out about how North West got the role. A source told the Daily Mail that the Kardashian family has a close connection to the event’s producers, which might be a big reason why North got the part. The production company in charge of The Lion King at the Hollywood Bowl also produces The Kardashians!


This isn’t the first time North West has shown her musical talent. Earlier this year, she was featured on a track with her father, Kanye West, and other artists.

Another reason for her casting is the star power her name brings. The source said they knew casting North West would make headlines, which is what they wanted. “They were hoping to draw publicity, which they did. But North didn’t have to compete against anyone else, and anyone who auditioned wouldn’t have gotten the role anyway. This is 100% because of her family’s relationship with Disney and Fulwell.”

It’s also said that the performance will be featured in an upcoming episode of the family’s famous reality show, which would further boost the show’s popularity.


“The promise of the moment being shown on the show and to go and be seen everywhere was also a major selling point for having North a part of the festivities. Like everything the Kardashians do, this was well-documented and planned. They have to keep the brand somehow,” the source said.

While her star power and famous parents might have helped her get the part, the insider shared that North West is passionate about music and performing and hence was excited about getting the role.

The source shared, “North wants to do music, stage, TV, film and all different things in entertainment. So every opportunity she gets or is given is all a part of the plan for her to take over Hollywood as crazy as that might sound it is one thing that Kim and Kanye can agree on and they are going to help get her any and all opportunities possible.”

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