Prince William said seven words about Kate Middleton, which tells us everything about how she’s getting better.

Kate Middleton had surgery on her tummy, and Prince Charles has cancer. So, Prince William has a lot to do. He’s taking care of Kate and their kids. He’s also helping his dad with royal work.

We’re not sure what will happen next, but Prince William will keep doing more royal work while his wife and dad get better. Recently, he went to an event without Kate. He said Kate is doing better when he talked to someone at the event.

The royal family has been busy. There was a fight with Harry and Meghan, and then the queen passed away, so King Charles is in charge now. William and Kate have been doing more royal stuff. But in January, things changed.

Kate had surgery, and William had to look after their kids more. He also visited Kate in the hospital a lot. At the same time, King Charles was getting treatment for his health issues. Then, we heard Charles has cancer.

William has always been getting ready to be king. Now, with Kate and his dad sick, he has even more to do.

A royal expert said William is going through a tough time. He has to take care of his family and do royal duties all at once.

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Angela Levin talked on GB News about how Prince William will find it tough to look after his wife, Kate, and also do his royal duties. He’ll also have to support his dad, King Charles.

She said that William is upset with his brother, Prince Harry, because Harry has been mean to him and Kate. Even though Harry visited briefly, the relationship is strained.

The host, Isabel Webster, suggested that William might feel very lonely. Angela Levin agreed, saying that Harry and William used to be very close, but things have changed now.

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After 13 days in the hospital, Kate could finally go home to Adelaide Cottage and see her kids, George, Charlotte, and Louis. The kids didn’t visit her in the hospital, but they talked on FaceTime.

Last week, Kate, William, and the kids went to Anmer Hall in Sandringham for a break.

Even though we haven’t heard much about Kate’s health since she left the hospital, going to Anmer Hall is a good sign. It’s easier to get there than other royal places.

Jennie Bond, a royal expert, said it’s good that Kate could go to Sandringham. It means she’s getting better. Being in a different place might also help her feel better.

Prince William talked about Kate and his dad, Charles, at an event in London. He thanked people for supporting them.

Earlier that day, at Windsor Castle, William said Kate was recovering well to someone getting an honor.


“Patricia Sprouse, who was getting an MBE, said Prince William told her that Catherine had two nurses from the Philippines taking care of her, and they were really good and nice.”

“We usually see Prince William and Princess Kate together, especially at events like galas or official visits. But on Sunday, Prince William went to the BAFTA Film Awards alone, without Kate.”

“When he walked the red carpet, Elaine Bedell, who runs the Southbank Centre, talked to him. He told her about Kate, and it sounded sad.”

“He said, ‘I’m sorry Catherine couldn’t come; she loves the BAFTAs.’ When Elaine asked if he had watched many movies, he said no, because he had a lot on his mind lately.”

“Because of Kate’s surgery and King Charles’ cancer, people were surprised to hear rumors last weekend about someone returning to the royal family.”

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People said Prince Harry might come back to the royal family temporarily to support his sick dad. They talked for about 30 minutes and had some nice chats.

Last week, Prince William and King Charles had private meetings in Sandringham, where the king is resting after his cancer treatments.

Prince William and Prince Harry haven’t been getting along for a while. They only talk if they really have to.

After the meetings between William and his dad, someone said William wouldn’t let Harry come back to the royal family. William’s main focus is his dad’s health and what’s best for the royal family. There’s no chance Harry will come back in any way.

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Prince William has a lot to think about, especially concerning his wife and father’s health. He’s taking on a big responsibility during their recovery.

A royal expert, Angela Levin, praised William after seeing him at the BAFTA awards. She said he looked dignified and smart, unlike his brother Harry. William wanted to do his job well and make sure everyone was happy.

Levin thinks William will make a good king because he takes his job seriously and cares about doing it right.

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