Real reason Kate Middleton didn’t want her children to visit her in the hospital, revealed

Kate Middleton’s stay at The London Clinic turned out to be longer than anticipated by both her and the public. The Duchess of Cambridge remained in the private hospital for nearly two weeks, raising concerns among royal experts.

Prince William reportedly visited his wife almost daily during her hospitalization. However, despite reports suggesting that their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, had visited her, they never did.

Now, a royal expert suggests that Kate made the decision not to have her children visit her in the clinic, and the rationale behind it is quite understandable.

Kate Middleton’s abdominal surgery was described as “planned” in the statement released by Kensington Palace. Nonetheless, royal fans worldwide were surprised when the palace announced the news in mid-January.

The Duchess of Cambridge hadn’t shown any signs of illness, although she hadn’t been seen in public for several weeks leading up to the surgery announcement.

One contributing factor was the royal family’s Christmas celebrations, followed by Kate’s birthday festivities with close friends and family at Anmer Hall, the family’s residence on the Sandringham Estate.

Kate Middleton’s surgery was successful, with the first statement released immediately afterward. She spent nearly two weeks at The London Clinic in central London to recuperate. However, one royal expert expressed concern about Kate’s extended stay.

In an interview with GB News, royal expert and author Angela Levin remarked that it’s “unusual” for someone, especially the Duchess of Cambridge, to remain hospitalized for 14 days when they have all the comforts of home. She questioned why Kate couldn’t recover at home, where she could have ample care and her children could be with her. Levin noted that Kate’s prolonged absence from public engagements until around Easter seemed quite lengthy.

“I think that’s the most scary thing about it. She works so hard and tries so hard that I think it’s very concerning that she’s there. She’s not the sort of woman who wants to stay in a hospital.”

While Angela Levin expressed concern about Kate Middleton’s extended hospital stay, a royal source assured People Magazine that there was no cause for alarm.

According to the source, the duration of Kate’s stay at The London Clinic was unrelated to her health condition.

“It does sound serious with the length of time [she’s taking]. But she is in great hands and will have lots of care and support at home and is a fit young woman. I am sure she will bounce back,” the source said.

The source emphasized the importance of taking the necessary time to recover properly, highlighting Kate’s decision as a positive example for others.

“It is sensible to take the time. That is a great example to the rest of us, as you’re often told to get back to work as soon as possible, which can be damaging. It is good for all of us to see her taking the time, recovering properly and then coming back. We can all learn from that.”

Despite being a public figure, Kate is entitled to privacy regarding her medical condition. The statement from Kensington Palace emphasized her desire to maintain normalcy for her children and keep her personal medical information private.

However, there was public interest in Kate’s health, with some individuals pressuring her to disclose more details. Royal expert Richard Eden cautioned against such pressure, labeling it as potentially bullying.

Eden stressed that Kate shouldn’t feel obligated to share more than she’s comfortable with, emphasizing her right to privacy.

Kate has previously expressed her dislike for hospitals, preferring to leave as soon as possible after giving birth to Prince George. During her stay at The London Clinic, Prince William visited her daily and managed their children’s care.

Contrary to initial reports, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis did not visit Kate at the hospital. Instead, she communicated with them via FaceTime, maintaining contact while she recovered.

“Both William and Kate are actively involved parents – they take the children to school, attend their sports matches and concerts, and strive to be home for bedtime whenever possible. While Kate is in the hospital, William will be at home maintaining a sense of normalcy.”

Although Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis have school and likely other commitments, it’s difficult to believe that their absence from the hospital was solely due to a busy schedule.

It’s clear that the children wanted to visit their mother, but it seems that Kate – along with the hospital – made the decision against it.

The Reason Behind Kate Middleton’s Decision Revealed

According to royal expert and biographer Ingrid Seward, Kate Middleton deliberately chose not to have her children visit her at The London Clinic. Speaking to People Magazine, Seward explained that it wasn’t because Kate didn’t want to see them, but rather out of consideration for other patients.

“I don’t think she wanted to draw more attention to the situation. They’ll be supporting her in their own way and helping to care for her,” Ingrid Seward told People.

Additionally, there may have been other factors influencing Kate’s decision. As a member of the royal family, the hospital would likely have permitted George, Charlotte, and Louis to visit if she had requested it.

However, according to The London Clinic’s policy, children generally require permission to visit, primarily for the safety of patients and to minimize the risk of spreading infections.

After 13 days following her abdominal surgery, Kate was discharged from The London Clinic on January 29 and returned to her home, Adelaide Cottage, to continue her recovery. As stated in the initial announcement, she will not resume royal duties until after Easter, at the earliest.

“The Princess of Wales has returned home to Windsor to continue her recovery from surgery. She is making good progress,” Kensington Palace stated. “The Prince and Princess express their sincere gratitude to the entire team at The London Clinic, especially the dedicated nursing staff, for their care.”