Richard Gere celebrated his dad’s 100th birthday by taking him to their hometown diner.

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Richard Gere had an amazing father who taught him everything. Even though he started his own family later in life, he didn’t just learn from his dad; he followed those teachings in raising his own children. He’s really grateful to his dad and named his firstborn after him.

Richard Gere, known for movies like “Pretty Woman,” comes from a regular family. He grew up with lots of siblings on a farm in Syracuse, NY.

His mom, Doris, was from Brooklyn and met her husband, Homer Gere, there. They got married in 1945 and moved to North Syracuse to start a family with their five kids.

Even though they had a big family with kids named Richard, Susan, Joanne, David, and Laura, Richard Gere’s parents did a great job raising them. They taught them important values that lasted.

Richard’s mom, Doris, stayed at home, and his dad, Homer, worked in insurance. They didn’t have a lot of money, but they worked hard to make sure their kids got a good education.

Richard thinks of his parents like real-life superheroes. They provided everything he needed to nurture his creativity, even though they didn’t have a lot of money.

The actor from “Unfaithful” shared that his parents encouraged his interests. They hired teachers who helped develop their children’s skills. He said:

“We didn’t grow up with a lot of money, and the effort it took to afford education and music teachers was something special.”

Even though they didn’t have a lot of money, Richard is thankful for his parents’ hard work. At an event in 2019, he praised his dad for being a good person, a value he learned from him during his childhood.

Richard shared that his dad, Homer, never wanted anyone, even strangers, to suffer. He said Homer was really passionate and would show up to help anyone in need, no matter what it was.

In May, Homer celebrated his 100th birthday, and Richard organized a small birthday dinner for him at a pasta restaurant in their hometown.

The actor from “Pretty Woman” mentioned that even if Homer couldn’t help with money, he would find other ways, like offering a smile or a hug. Deep down, he always felt the need to assist in some way.

The onscreen legend added that his dad launched a Meals-On-Wheels in his hometown, which he became dedicated to for the rest of his life.

He explained that Homer preferred a “cheeseball car because the trunk was the right height for him to get the meals in to take around to his neighbors, so he didn’t have to bend over.”

Meals-On-Wheels America is a non-profit organization that provides for thousands of communities through different programs across the country. The first of its kind was founded in the 1950s in Philadelphia.

Many people in the United States volunteer to help older adults live independently and with dignity. They do things like delivering healthy meals, visiting seniors, and making sure they’re safe.

In a heartfelt talk with his elderly father, Richard asked why he became a Meals-On-Wheels volunteer. Homer explained:

“We began with Meals-On-Wheels at a somewhat empty house. We wanted to help people as they got older. When you can see someone else getting better because of what you do in life, it makes you feel really good.”

In response, Richard revealed that he only became a supporter of the programs because his dad inspired him. Homer set an excellent example for his son, who also longed to be a great dad. However, kids did not show up early for the actor until his 50s.

Richard’s first marriage to his model, Cindy Crawford, was short-lived. During his second attempt at love, he fell for the former Bond actress, Carey Lowell, who was twelve years his junior.

Richard believed it was never too late for love. The skilled TV actor began dating Lowell in 1996, and they didn’t talk much about their romance until they decided to get married.

The star from “Unfaithful” happily talked about their relationship, saying they were ready to take the next step. Even though Lowell had a daughter from a previous marriage, it didn’t bother him. Richard told Dailymail:

“She has transformed my life. Marriage has a special meaning when you do it with your whole heart. It’s a significant moment for both of us.”

Before they had a small wedding, Richard and Lowell already had a son named Homer Gere II. Richard became a dad when he was 50 and named his first child after his own dad.

The actor was really happy to become a father. It was something he looked forward to, and when it finally happened, he was fully committed to being a good dad.

Talking about his son, he said, “He is the joy of my life. He loves music, is a fast runner, and is very smart. He’s also very funny. He learned irony quickly, which is a wonderful quality for any person.”

Richard never tired of being a dad, but his loving marriage to Lowell soon hit the rocks after over a decade. In 2012, the former Bond girl filed for divorce, citing their difference in lifestyle as the major reason.

According to various sources, Richard craved privacy and serenity while his second wife loved partying. The insider revealed, “they have a place in Bedford [NY], and he likes it because it’s quiet and he likes the solitude. She likes being in North Haven in the limelight.”

The duo subscribed to equal custody of their son, but it was a brawl settling over the divorce settlement. It took four years of court visits before they finally agreed.

Even though the legal teams from both sides didn’t talk about it, Richard’s marriage didn’t last forever. But he stuck to his family values.

In 2015, he shared that his main focus is his son. If his son doesn’t like a project, he turns it down. To him, “family is more important than anything.”

Before this interview, Richard had already fallen in love again, this time with a Spanish activist named Alejandra Silva.

As time went on, Richard and Alejandra added more members to their family. In 2019, they welcomed their second baby, a boy named Alexander. The next year, another son joined their lovely family.

Even with the different phases Richard has experienced—marriages, being a dad, and staying dedicated to his family—he still remains true and loyal to his dad, Homer.

Throughout the years, he considered him an “idol” and often spent time driving around and visiting people while supporting the patriarch’s Meals-On-Deals programs. In 2010, the acting legend said:

“He has always been my hero.”

Homer, despite being old, still passionately helps people. He hasn’t let loneliness slow down his kindness, even though his wife Doris passed away at 91 in North Syracuse, leaving him a widower.

Richard is truly an amazing son. He sticks close to his dad, offering help and support while celebrating him. In May 2022, when Homer turned 100, Richard organized a small birthday dinner at a pasta restaurant in their hometown.

They spent the evening with others who were happy to mark such a big milestone with the Meals-On-Wheels volunteer. Richard’s strong connection with his dad shows how much he values the sacrifices and dedication of older folks.

Just like his 100-year-old dad, Richard is likely to pass on the same strong family bond to his own children. After all, he believes that family is the most important thing.