Shocking Revelations: Cher’s Struggle with Chaz Bono’s Sexuality Exposed!

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Chaz Bono has had a tough journey, especially being the child of famous singer and actress Cher. Growing up in the public eye can be tough.

But Chaz’s story is inspiring. When he was 39 years old in 2011, he started transitioning to become male. Cher, his mom, has always been there for him, but it wasn’t easy in the beginning.

Chaz says Cher had a hard time when she first found out he was gay. She got really upset about it.


You probably know Cher. She’s had an amazing career. She started out with Sonny Bono, who she had a great but sometimes tough relationship with.

Cher met Sonny when she moved to Los Angeles at 16. She dropped out of high school and worked hard to support herself. She was a really good singer.

Sonny, who was older than Cher, worked with famous record producer Phil Spector. He helped Cher get work as a backup singer for Spector’s recordings. Cher sang on famous songs like “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes and “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” by The Righteous Brothers.

Sonny and Cher started making their own music together in 1964. Their first few singles weren’t very popular, but that changed when they released “Baby Don’t Go” in September 1964.

Cher is a famous singer that most people know. She started her career with Sonny Bono, who she had a good but sometimes rocky relationship with.

Cher and Sonny met in Los Angeles when Cher was just 16. She had left high school and was working hard to support herself. She was a great singer.

Sonny, who was older than Cher, worked with a famous music producer named Phil Spector. He helped Cher get singing jobs on some big songs.

In 1964, Cher and Sonny started making music together. Their first songs weren’t very popular, but in September of that year, they released “Baby Don’t Go,” which became a hit.

Cher’s mom helped them get a gig opening for another band, and from there, their career took off. They became very successful and were known as a great duo until the mid-1970s.

Their relationship also grew stronger over time.

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When Cher first met Bono, she was interested in him, but he seemed more interested in one of her friends.

Cher remembered, “I was with my beautiful girlfriend, and he liked her, so he didn’t really talk to me much. He just said, ‘Oh yeah, kid.'”

She thought Bono was very different from anyone she’d ever seen before.

After a while, Cher and Bono moved in together and started dating. Cher said it took some time for Bono to be attracted to her. But eventually, they fell in love.

In 1965, they got married and started working on their music careers together.

Most importantly, Cher and Bono had a child named Chaz Bono together. He was born as Chastity Bono on March 4, 1969. Because he was a celebrity child, he became famous right away, and soon people saw him on TV.

Chaz got his name from a movie called “Chastity,” which Sonny produced and Cher starred in. Cher played a young hippie runaway who liked both boys and girls. Chastity was made during the time Cher was pregnant with Chaz.

As a kid, Chaz appeared on TV many times in The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. He usually showed up at the end of the show when his parents sang “I Got You Babe.”

This made Chaz a familiar face to people watching TV.

But not many knew what Chaz was going through at home and school. He didn’t feel like he fit in with other girls and their interests.


“When I was growing up, I felt different from other girls my age,” Chaz shared with Daily Mail in 2011.

At 18, Chaz told both of his parents that he was a lesbian.

“I always felt there was something different about me as a child. I didn’t understand why other girls were into fashion or boys, like who was the cutest. I felt confused,” Chaz wrote in his book “Family Outing: A Guide to the Coming Out Process for Gays, Lesbians, and Their Families.”

“I realized I was gay when I was 13.”

For Cher, who later became an LGBTQ icon, it wasn’t easy to accept Chaz’s sexuality.

“When I learned Chaz was gay, it was hard for me,” Cher said in an interview with PrideSource.


Chaz said his mom got really upset when he first told her he was gay.

Then, when he was 39, Chaz started becoming a man.

In 2010, a California court agreed to change his gender and name officially.

In a documentary called “Becoming Chaz,” which aired at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and on the Oprah Winfrey Network, people got to see Chaz’s journey to becoming a man.

“My mom had a hard time with it. We didn’t see each other for about a year when I started,” Chaz said.

Cher had a tough time with Chaz’s transition, just like he said.


The famous singer and actress, who has won an Oscar, has always supported the LGBTQ community. But at first, it was hard for her, as she remembers.

“It wasn’t like me to have a problem with Chaz being gay at first, but it went away quickly,” Cher told CNN in 2020.

“For a long time, we talked about whether Bono was transgender. He said no at first, but then he decided to do it.”

Cher remembered calling Chaz and hearing his old voicemail message. It was tough for her, but she started to realize that Chaz was still the same person.

“You don’t really lose them. They just change,” she said.

Cher first met gay people when she was 9 years old. “I came home one day, and there were two men in our living room with my mom and aunt. They were cool, and I wondered why we didn’t have more guys like them around,” she said.

“That was my first introduction to the gay world. Gay people feel like they don’t fit in, and I’ve always felt that way too,” Cher added.


Since the documentary aired in 2011, Chaz has been in Hollywood a lot. The same year it came out, he became the first transgender man on Dancing with the Stars.

It was a big deal because no transgender man had been on a big TV show like that before, except for being transgender.

Five years later, Chaz was in five episodes of American Horror Story: Roanoke, and he played Reverend Rydale on The Bold and the Beautiful.

At the same time, Chaz struggled with his weight. He was obese for a long time and didn’t feel good in his body. But when he started his gender transition, he started to live healthier.


Chaz Bono shared his journey of transformation with Oprah, saying he couldn’t have done it before because he felt disconnected from his body.

When he joined Dancing With The Stars, he weighed 250 pounds. But the intense training helped him lose weight quickly. Even after the show, he continued to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

However, losing weight had its challenges. Chaz had excess skin because of the weight loss. He changed his diet, mostly eating vegetables, meat, fruit, and nuts, but still enjoyed cake on his birthday.


His mom, Cher, praised his bravery and weight loss journey, saying she wouldn’t have had the same courage.

Chaz’s dating life has also been in the spotlight. He was previously engaged to Jennifer Elia, but they split in 2011. Later, he found love with Shara Mathes, a former child actress and social worker.

Chaz and Shara keep their relationship private, but they celebrated their sixth anniversary together in January.

Chaz’s journey inspires many, showing the importance of following your heart despite challenges. Share his story to inspire others in similar situations.