Tim Allen reveals why he’s never trusted a human being as much as his “Toy Story” co-star Tom Hanks

Tim Allen is one of those rare actors who has captured the hearts of audiences for decades, earning praise from both critics and fans alike.

Throughout his extensive career in Hollywood, Allen has undoubtedly formed numerous friendships. However, there’s one person in the entertainment industry whom he holds in the highest regard, and that person is none other than Tom Hanks.

In a recent interview on the Kelly Clarkson show, Allen expressed his deep admiration for Hanks, emphasizing the strong bond they share.

“Despite our differences, I have immense respect for Tom,” Allen remarked.

The two iconic actors, who famously voiced characters in the beloved Toy Story franchise, have developed a close friendship over the years. Allen revealed that they regularly meet for lunch, a tradition that has endured since the filming of the first Toy Story movie.

Reflecting on their friendship, Allen recalled moments of camaraderie, such as Hanks casually helping himself to fries from his plate during a meal, a gesture that initially surprised Allen but ultimately solidified their bond.

Despite their differing opinions on various matters, Allen emphasized the trust and understanding they have for each other.

“I’ve never trusted anyone as much as Tom, and vice versa. Despite our differences, he’s a wonderful person who truly listens without judgment,” Allen shared.

Witnessing the genuine camaraderie between Allen and Hanks is heartwarming, especially considering their longstanding success in the entertainment industry. Their ability to maintain a close friendship amidst the challenges of fame speaks volumes about their character and integrity.