Why Women Fall In Love With Married Men

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Falling in love with a married man is one of the most confusing affairs a woman can experience. It happens because there are certain qualities women find attractive in married men. In this article, we’ll explore why women might fall in love with married men:

No Strings Attached: One reason could be that there are no expectations or commitments in this kind of relationship. The woman is aware of what she’s getting into and may want to avoid a serious relationship after past heartbreak. She doesn’t anticipate a conventional relationship, and her love life may not be her top priority. Some women prefer dating married men to avoid the potential of a serious relationship that often comes with dating single men.

Flattery from Married Men: Women enjoy attention, especially from married men, as they are taking a risk by pursuing an affair. This attention can significantly boost a woman’s self-esteem. Compliments from married men are often more valued than those from single men because women tend to trust married men more, believing they genuinely appreciate them.

Idealizing Married Men: Dating can be stressful for women, particularly if they’ve encountered commitment-phobic men. Married men may seem more appealing because they are experienced in dealing with women and understand their thoughts and behaviors. This perceived maturity makes married men more attractive than their single counterparts.

Perceived Control: Married men often appear more settled in life. They typically have stable jobs, their own homes, and financial security. Some women have a deep-seated desire to be with a man who can provide for them, making married men more appealing.

The Forbidden Attraction: Engaging in something forbidden can be very thrilling, especially when there’s a risk of getting caught. The idea of being together secretly provides an intense rush. This sense of danger heightens a woman’s attraction to a married man.

Parents’ Bad Marriage: If a woman has witnessed her parents’ unhappy marriage or divorce, she may lose faith in the institution of marriage. Women from broken homes may not hold marriage sacred, making them more open to relationships with married men.

Believing Their Lies: Women who have affairs with married men often hear excuses like the man being unhappy in his marriage, not feeling loved by his wife, or claiming that only the other woman understands him. Men often fabricate stories to gain sympathy and create a connection. These excuses also help them rationalize the affair.

Seeking a Father Figure: Women who had troubled relationships with their fathers may be attracted to older, married men. Absence of a father figure can lead to psychological issues that manifest in adult life. Such women may be drawn to men who resemble their fathers, seeking dominance and affection.

Advice for Women Involved with Married Men:

Consider more than just morals when involved with someone’s marriage. Think about your own happiness and future. Often, women in such relationships idealize the man and view the world through rose-tinted glasses. Most married men are unlikely to leave their wives, no matter what promises they make. Many women in these situations silently accept the role of a mistress and suffer when the man they love spends holidays with his family without acknowledging the relationship publicly.

Before continuing such a relationship, think about whether you have a future with a married man. If his behavior is repetitive, and he’s done or may do the same with another woman, you may never find true happiness with him. Reevaluate what you gain from the relationship and reconsider the time you’re willing to invest in someone who may not truly value you.