Alfonso Ribeiro, star of “Fresh Prince,” posts a heartbreaking picture of his daughter one day before her fourth birthday

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Alfonso Ribeiro, the star of “Fresh Prince,” shared a heart-wrenching picture of his daughter just a day before her fourth birthday.

Updates on Ava Sue’s health have been provided through social media by Alfonso Ribeiro and his wife, Angela Ribeiro.

Reportedly, the little girl, who had an accident while riding her sit-down scooter the day before her fourth birthday, had to undergo emergency surgery on Friday, May 12, to prevent potential scarring.

Alfonso posted pictures of his daughter’s injuries, which included severe burns and bruises on her right elbow, shoulder, and eye.

He expressed his admiration for Ava’s courage and gratitude to the medical staff at Kare MD Skin Health. In his Instagram post, the actor from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” mentioned, “Not the kind of day you want the day before turning 4.”

He went on to express his sincere appreciation to Kare MD Skin Health for the immediate care and surgery that, hopefully, will minimize the risk of scarring. He also commended his little girl for her bravery during the procedure.