Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Recent Personal Life after Split – Details

Jolie described Pitt’s behavior on the plane as resembling that of a monster, with aggressive outbursts and screaming that shocked both her and the children. Feeling frozen and helpless in the moment, she struggled to react to the situation.

Additionally, Jolie claimed that the altercation resulted in approximately $25,000 worth of damage to the plane due to red wine stains, and she alleged that Pitt poured beer on her during the incident. While Jolie reported sustaining injuries resembling rug burns on her hand, Pitt was noted to have a scratch, which Jolie suggested may have been caused by her.

Despite thorough investigations, no charges were filed regarding the incident. Pitt has previously denied allegations of physical abuse.

As their contentious divorce proceedings continue, Pitt and Jolie are now in the process of exchanging final financial disclosures. This step signifies significant progress in concluding their high-profile divorce, which has remained unresolved for several years.

Reflecting on her journey through the divorce and its aftermath, Jolie emphasized the importance of perseverance during difficult times. She acknowledged her own resilience, finding strength in her children, whom she considers the best part of herself.

Throughout the upheaval, Jolie prioritized her children, putting her career on hold to focus on their well-being. She adjusted her work commitments to accommodate their needs, recognizing that they were still in the process of healing from the family’s upheaval.

In 2023, Jolie opened up about her ongoing struggles and the profound impact her children have had on her life. Despite feeling somewhat adrift, she expressed gratitude for the transformative role her children have played, serving as a source of motivation and stability during challenging times.

As Jolie continues to navigate life post-divorce, her focus remains on her children and her professional endeavors, including her new business venture, Atelier Jolie. Working alongside her children on this project has been therapeutic for the family, representing a positive step forward in their collective journey.