Barbara Eden Still Shines with Beauty at 91 despite Being Bashed for ‘Botched’ Face — Loving Husband Stays by Her Side

Barbara Eden, renowned for her iconic role as Jeannie in the classic sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie,” captured the hearts of audiences worldwide during its five-season run from 1965 to 1970.

Portraying the magical Jeannie, who emerges from a bottle on a beach and captivates a NASA astronaut (played by Larry Hagman), Eden became synonymous with the beloved character. The show’s popularity led to the creation of Jeannie dolls and even slot machines inspired by the series.

Reflecting on her enduring connection to Jeannie, Eden described the character as “easy to live with” during an interview in October 2021. She expressed gratitude for the widespread affection for Jeannie, acknowledging the show’s ability to transport viewers to another world.

Before her breakthrough as Jeannie, Eden pursued various roles, including appearances in sketches alongside Johnny Carson. Despite her Hollywood success, she faced personal challenges, including divorce and the loss of her son to a heroin overdose in 2001.

Now 91, Eden continues to attract attention, with some commenting on her appearance and speculating about cosmetic procedures. Despite the scrutiny, she embraces a low-key lifestyle, opting for simplicity over glamour in her later years.

A fourth commentator remarked, “She looks strangely unnatural with all that surgery and cheek implants.” “Exactly! Finally, someone speaking the truth!” agreed a fifth user.

Another fan observed how Eden resembled other female celebrities who had undergone “botched” surgeries, suggesting she could have aged gracefully without extensive procedures, stating:

“It’s a pity she couldn’t embrace aging gracefully and naturally.”

Eden has divulged her secret to maintaining her youthful appearance, attributing it to her favorite Estee Lauder cream. “They have serum drops called line repair. I use that morning and night,” she disclosed. Additionally, she keeps her skin radiant by applying Cetaphil regularly.

The “Kismet” star prefers a bare-faced look unless she’s working, when she’ll apply makeup. Sunscreen is a daily essential for her skincare routine.

In addition to her youthful appearance, Eden prioritizes health and fitness. She maintains a balanced diet and follows a workout regimen, including walks and occasional sessions with a trainer for spinning. She also enjoys indulging in wine but offsets it with gym sessions.

In an August 2021 interview, Eden emphasized the importance of a balanced diet, expressing her love for steak, pork, chicken, and vegetables. Despite being mindful of her diet, she indulges in desserts like gumdrops, chocolate, and marshmallow circus peanuts.

Beyond her physical well-being, Eden treasures her fulfilling life, including her third marriage to Jon Eicholtz since 1991. Their enduring relationship is based on understanding each other’s perspectives and appreciating life’s blessings.

Eicholtz, an architect and real estate developer, shares Eden’s philanthropic spirit. Together, they established a scholarship at his alma mater, Kansas University, supporting aspiring actors.

Their Beverly Hills home is adorned with memorabilia from Eden’s illustrious career, including genie bottles from “I Dream of Jeannie.” One particular bottle, a prop from the show, holds sentimental value among her cherished possessions.

“This is the authentic genie bottle,” Eden explained. “It’s not usually displayed here. I keep it in the bank. It’s a bit worn with a few nicks and chips, but it’s the genuine article.”

Eden’s collection also includes a bookshelf adorned with books, awards, and mementos. Among them, she pointed out a trophy from 2015 for “the first Hollywood beauty award.”

Opposite the shelf stands Eden’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She fondly recalled the ceremony, which was made special by the presence of her son and the legendary comedian Bob Hope.

Adorning Eden’s wall are photographs capturing moments with Hollywood luminaries, including Elvis Presley, and former co-stars from “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.”

Despite her enduring presence in showbiz, Eden, who delights in her work, has no plans of retiring soon. She finds fulfillment in staying active, believing that idleness might lead to laziness.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Eden cherishes time spent making memories with her husband. The couple, passionate travelers, have explored destinations worldwide, including Africa in 2022 and China.

Finding love with Eicholtz in her 50s was unexpected for Eden. However, she acknowledges the profound connection they share, rooted in similarity and loyalty.

While they share similar life philosophies, Eden notes they don’t have to share all the same interests. Despite Eicholtz’s love for sports, which she doesn’t share, she happily joins him in watching games out of affection.

Eden found stability in her relationship with Eicholtz, a stark contrast to her previous marriages. Her first marriage to Ansara, whom she considered the love of her life, ended amidst career struggles and personal tragedy.

Following Ansara, Eden wed Fegert, but their marriage was marred by his destructive behavior and abuse. Reflecting on those tumultuous years, Eden believes Fegert struggled with deep-seated insecurities.