Desperate Dad’s Heartbreaking Plea Goes Viral – You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

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This incredible story shows how social media can change lives. Mark Cropp, a young man from New Zealand, faced a big decision after spending over two years in prison for a failed drug deal.

While he was behind bars, Mark wanted a fresh start when he got out. One night, he and his brother, both drunk on homemade alcohol from apples, bread, and sugar, made a big decision.

In their intoxicated state, they decided to tattoo Mark’s face with his nickname. They used homemade ink made from toothpaste and melted plastic knives and forks. The result was a large black tattoo that said “Devast8” across his jaw and lower face. But this tattoo would later become something Mark regretted.

Credit / South_agency / Getty.

After getting out of prison, Mark faced a tough reality: he couldn’t find a job. Even though he wanted to get back into society and support his partner and daughter, his big face tattoo made it really hard. Even though he had experience working before, bosses didn’t want to hire him because of the tattoo.

Mark told the Daily Mail Australia that the tattoo had a special meaning. He said, “For a long time, everything I did turned out bad. I would disappoint everyone I met or got close to.”

He explained, “They would be upset with something I did or said – I always heard ‘that’s devastating.’ Once I started it, I thought, I can’t stop now. Honestly, I wish I had stopped when they were just drawing the outline.”

He said, “Before I knew it, I had this on my face… It was swollen like a pumpkin.”

Mark really wanted to get rid of the tattoo, but it was expensive to do. Laser removal, the best option, needed many sessions and cost a lot. So, he turned to social media for help.

He posted a selfie on Facebook, showing his big tattoo, asking for a job and a new start. His message got a lot of attention online, and the people at Sacred Tattoo, a tattoo place in Auckland, noticed.

Touched by Mark’s story and seeing a chance to help, Sacred Tattoo decided to do something amazing. They offered to remove Mark’s “Devast8” tattoo from his face for free. This tattoo shop is known for helping out in the community, and this act of kindness showed how much they care.

This generous offer not only showed how social media can change lives, but it also showed the power of being kind.

Mark also got a job at a scaffolding company called PR Contracting. He earns $22 an hour there.

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