Exclusive Insight: Gold Coast McDonald’s Manager’s Salary Stuns the Nation!

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A recent case involving the termination of an employee has brought to light the substantial salary and generous perks received by a regional manager at a Gold Coast McDonald’s. Matthew Laurence, who oversaw nine fast food establishments under franchisee NGI Holdings Pty Ltd, filed an unfair dismissal claim after being let go on April 21. Unfortunately, his complaint was dismissed on September 20.

Laurence contended that his annual salary of $144,043 should have safeguarded his position. Additionally, he enjoyed various benefits that elevated his total compensation to $206,592. These perks included a work vehicle, a VW Touareg, with fuel expenses covered for both work and personal use. He also received a $2,300 yearly allowance for clothing, along with a flexible $2,400 annual stipend.

During the hearing, Laurence admitted informing NGI Holdings director Edward Aldridge of his non-negotiable move to Queensland, a decision he upheld. Despite his 15-year tenure with the company, he relocated to Queensland in June 2022, dividing his work between interstate and office days. Notably, he charged NGI Holdings $27,426 for domestic flights between his Gold Coast residence and the Albury/Wodonga region, where he worked three days a week. The other two days were spent at his Queensland office.

The complaint was dismissed by Fair Work Commissioner Chris Simpson, who cited the Commission’s lack of jurisdiction for claims from workers earning over $162,000. Laurence argued that his earnings were $151,243, but NGI Holdings maintained that he earned $206,592 annually. Aldridge explained that he opted to cover the flight expenses rather than awarding a $20,000 management bonus, a decision made in agreement with Laurence.

It’s worth noting that Laurence’s employment was based on a verbal agreement and did not fall under an official award or enterprise agreement. Aldridge’s LinkedIn profile indicates ownership of several McDonald’s locations in the Albury, Lavington, Wodonga Homemaker, Wodonga Birallee, Corowa, Glenrowan North and South, Benalla, and Euroa areas.