Family video! Osmond shared a sweet message to celebrate her son turning 27.

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Marie Osmond is famous for being really talented and loving her family a lot. She has a great job and a happy family. Marie is proud of her kids, and she recently went on social media to celebrate a special moment in her family.

She’s known for being really close to her family, and she posted a sweet message for her son Brandon on his 27th birthday. She talked about how much they mean to each other and how proud she is of the person he has become.


Marie Osmond and sons Stephen, Michael, and Brandon (Photo by Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)


Celebrating Brandon’s Birthday On this happy day, Marie shared her love and pride for Brandon, writing, “Happy Birthday to my wonderful son Brandon! I love you a lot and am really proud of the man you are now!” This sweet message connected with people, making them think about the feelings any mom has when her child becomes an adult.

Fans and followers also joined the celebration, saying how good-looking Brandon is and being amazed at how fast Marie’s kids are growing up. Their words remind us of the common feeling that time flies, especially as kids get older.



Thinking about being a mom and feeling sad, Marie Osmond, who is a mom, doesn’t just show regular love to her kids. She thinks a lot about her family, even the ones she adopted, with a deep sense of meaning and destiny:

“They all work really hard, and they are nice to each other. They try really hard to be kind to people.”




She talked about the important things she cares about and taught to her kids, whether they’re her own or adopted. Marie Osmond mentioned that even though some of her kids are adopted, she can’t always remember who because some of them are so much like her. She said:

“I sometimes think, ‘I know why God sent you to me!'”



Marie Osmond often talks about the importance of being kind and working hard. She showed this in a birthday post for her son Brandon three years ago. Even though Brandon doesn’t appear much on his mom’s social media, she made a special post with a picture of him, showing off his long pink hair and a little smile.

Marie wrote, “Happy birthday to our amazing son Brandon… There is not a kinder person on this planet, and I feel so lucky to be your mom.” This rare social media post reveals how much she admires Brandon’s character and how grateful she is to be his mom.

Besides celebrating her children’s successes on their birthdays, Marie Osmond has also experienced sadness. Her son Michael passed away by suicide in 2010. Even years later, she still felt the pain of losing him.



Marie Osmond talked about her son Michael, saying he was the joy and light of her life, and he was like the glue that held their family together. Michael had problems from a young age, starting to use drugs, and he felt really sad and alone when he went to college.

Even though Michael had stopped using drugs and was getting better, he was still lonely and cut off from people. He called his mom and told her he felt desperate and had no friends. “It was the first time I heard him start to cry,” Osmond remembered.

Marie promised her son that she would visit him on Monday, but sadly, Michael didn’t make it to Monday. He left a note explaining that he knew Monday morning would be the last time he woke up, brushed his teeth, ate breakfast, made his bed, and got dressed. Marie Osmond shared this heartbreaking story.



“He had decided that, I guess. He loved his family, but… the pain was too much.”

His death really hurt Marie Osmond, and sometimes, when she thinks about it, it feels hard to breathe. It also affected the other kids. Even now, when the singer looks at her kids, she wonders what Michael would be like if he were still alive.

Over time, Marie had to figure out how to live with the fact that Michael was gone. She found some happiness in the sadness because her faith helped her keep going. Marie strongly believes that one day, she’ll see her son again, and that gives her the strength to keep moving forward.

Teaching Important Values, not Just Money



Marie Osmond believes in more than just taking care of her kids; she wants to teach them to be strong and hardworking. She’s decided not to leave them a big inheritance when she’s gone. Instead, she thinks it’s better for them to work hard and make their own success. When she dies, her money will go to charity, not her kids.

Marie thinks if her kids just get handed a lot of money, they might become lazy. She says, “Why would you let your child not try to achieve something? I don’t know anyone who becomes successful if they’re just given money.” This shows how much she wants her children to learn the value of working hard and feeling proud of what they achieve.

Marie Osmond is clear that focusing on having a good work ethic is more important than getting a lot of money without earning it. She believes that giving her kids too much money might not be the best thing for them because it could stop them from learning how important hard work is.



Osmond’s approach to motherhood and her reflections on her children’s growth reveal a woman deeply committed to family, values, and the personal development of her loved ones.

Her recent birthday message to Brandon is more than a celebration of age; it’s a testament to the enduring bond and the values that bind the Osmond family together.