Lip readers spill the beans on what Ben Affleck whispered to Jennifer Lopez during their iconic red carpet ‘exchange

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez recently grabbed headlines for what appeared to be a public disagreement on the red carpet in Los Angeles.

Since the event, where photographers captured images of the well-known couple seemingly at odds, rumors have been circulating. It’s important to note upfront that most media outlets likely sensationalized the story. However, a lip reader has shed light on what was actually said.

According to the lip reader who spoke with FEMAIL, Affleck and Lopez were discussing poses and positions for their time in front of photographers rather than having a falling out.

The lip reader claimed that during the conversation, J-Lo asked Affleck if her low-cut top was “showing too much,” a moment that quickly went viral as soon as photographs surfaced online.

Affleck, leaning into Lopez’s ear, reassured her, saying, “Don’t worry, darling,” and assuring her that everything would be great.

Then, Lopez said, “Come up close to me.”

Affleck, known for his role in Dogma, responded, “That’s us, done,” before kissing her and checking if she was alright.

The couple’s interaction on the red carpet drew attention, especially after a TikTok video surfaced the next day, showing Affleck “slamming” a car door in Lopez’s face.

The incident at the premiere, combined with the online nickname “miserable” given to the movie, fueled rumors of disagreements between the A-list couple.

Fans may recall another incident from February when Lopez allegedly told Affleck to pretend he was enjoying himself at the Grammy Awards.

“Look more friendly,” J-Lo reportedly said. “Look like you’re motivated.”

Affleck responded, “I might.”

Despite the unfavorable coverage, Affleck and Lopez seem to be getting along. It’s reassuring to see that their relationship remains strong amid the negative attention.

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