Michael Bublé becomes very emotional and starts crying when talking about his son Noah’s health problems.

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Many people love Michael Bublé, a singer from Canada who became really famous in 2005 with his album “It’s Time” and in 2007 with “Call Me Irresponsible.” Those albums reached number one on charts in Canada, the UK, the US, and more.

Even though he’s sold over 75 million records worldwide and won Grammy Awards, Michael has stayed down-to-earth. He is married to Luisana Lopilato, an actress from Argentina, and they have four children together.

The couple’s son, Noah, who will turn 9 this year, went through a tough time when he was diagnosed with liver cancer at just 3 years old.

The singer, Michael Bublé, got the heartbreaking news right before he was about to perform on The One Show in London. His wife sent him a text saying something was wrong, and it was really tough for him. He described it as one of the worst things a parent or any person could hear.

Fortunately, Noah is now in remission, which means he’s getting better. But going through that experience was extremely difficult for the family.


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The musician said, “I would have preferred it to be me. Many times I wished it was.” He also mentioned that the tough experience made their family even stronger and changed the way they look at life.

On Noah’s eighth birthday, Michael Bublé wrote a heartfelt post on Instagram, calling him his hero. He talked about how brave and kind Noah is and expressed deep love. He also shared two pictures of them together over the years.

Bublé mentioned that the prayers from fans, friends, and even strangers were a big support during their battle against cancer as a family.