Mom Discovers Shocking Video of Her Breastfeeding Shared Online – You Won’t Believe Her Epic Reaction!

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Breastfeeding your baby is natural, and many mothers do it. Sometimes, you have to do it in public.

A young mother found out someone secretly recorded her doing it. When she saw the video, she had a lot to say.

In Maryland, a woman named Izabele Lomax was using social media when she saw a video that shocked her.

She realized it was a video of herself breastfeeding in public. Someone had recorded her and said they wished she covered herself while doing it.


Lomax found the screenshot in a breastfeeding support group. A woman had posted it with a message saying she was shocked that another woman would secretly record a mom feeding her baby and then share it online.

Lomax felt upset too because she realized the mom in the video was her. She said, “I was like, ‘That’s me!'” She had no idea someone filmed her without permission while she was breastfeeding.

The person who made the video said they didn’t want to shame women breastfeeding in public. They explained they were shaming moms who don’t cover up while breastfeeding.


She said she didn’t want to see women without shirts at the beach. She also didn’t want to have to explain to her son why a woman was topless.

The video showed Lomax sitting under an umbrella at the beach, breastfeeding her baby. She didn’t know someone was recording her secretly.

Lomax didn’t stay quiet about it. She decided to reply to the woman who made the video without asking her. It ruined what was supposed to be a nice day at the beach with her fiance, baby, and parents.

Lomax replied with her own video and post. She said, “This woman walked past me many times with her son. She had chances to talk to me.”

She explained that she wouldn’t have stopped breastfeeding at the beach. But she wished the woman who secretly filmed her had spoken to her instead of making a video.

She also said the woman shouldn’t have made breastfeeding seem sexual to her four-year-old son. Lomax wondered if the woman had “her own problems” because of how she acted.


The angry young mom wrote, “If you have time to record me and post it on Facebook, you have time to explain to your son how babies are fed.”

Many people supported Lomax, and the person who posted the video deleted it. People were shocked by what the woman did to teach a breastfeeding mom a lesson. One person said, “Who does she think needs protecting? Kids? You just tell your kid, ‘That lady is feeding her baby.’ Then the kid asks questions, and you answer and move on. You know, like parenting.”

Another person said the baby’s head covered any nudity the original poster was worried about.

A lot of people have strong opinions about what happened. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.