My Brother Thinks I’m Free Babysitter to His 3 Kids, Constantly Ruins My Plans

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A 23-year-old woman called the police on her brother after he left his three children on her porch unattended. The brother got into big trouble, and his sister was blamed for ruining his life.

A 23-year-old woman took to Reddit to share how her brother pushed her to do something she never thought she would.

The woman said her brother, 27, was a father to three children, one five-year-old and three-year-old twins. However, whenever he needed a babysitter, he would assume his sister would be available without confirming with her first.

The 23-year-old expressed how her brother often totally disregarded her plans and forced her to babysit her nephews and niece. Her brother pulled the same stunt again one day, but this time she was not willing to back down. She threatened to call the police, but the brother did not think his sister had it in her.

Why Did She Call the Police on Her Brother?
On this particular day, the 23-year-old was driving to her friend’s place when her brother called, telling her he was going to drop off the kids because he and his wife had plans.

The sister told him she was not home and had already made plans with friends. “He just laughed and said sucks for you, then your plans are canceled,” she shared.

She was completely shocked at how her brother had no consideration for her time or plans. Still, she insisted that she was busy and was not able to babysit. But her brother also did not back down. He said he would drop the children off at her door, and if anything happened to them, it would be on her.

The sister told her brother she would call the police because she explained that she was unavailable to babysit. Her brother did not listen; a few minutes later, she got a notification from her doorbell and saw her niece and nephews standing outside her door.

She immediately started panicking. Fortunately, her friend agreed for them to turn back, while they informed the other friend that they would be late. On her way home, she called the police and arrived shortly after they did.

The 23-year-old informed the police about what happened and gave them her brother’s phone number. The authorities tried to call him, but he did not answer. The sister refused even when the police asked her to watch the kids until her brother was available.

So, Child Protective Services took in the children. The aunt assured her niece and nephews that everything would be fine and they would be well cared for.

The 23-year-old proceeded with her plans and spent the night at her friend’s place. At around 04:00 a.m. her brother called her asking her where his children were, and she told him they were with Child Protective Services.

Her brother instantly started to yell her ear off, but she reminded him of their conversation and added that it was his fault that things got to that point.

The situation turned out to be more serious than anticipated. Her brother and his wife lost custody of the kids and were charged with endangering a child on three counts. Now the 23-year-old has been asked to become the legal guardian of her niece and nephews.

She agreed to take them in but did not tell anyone about it besides her friends. However, her brother discovered that his kids were with her and had been constantly calling her phone and contacting her via social media, telling her she ruined his family.

How Did the Rest of the Family React to Her Decision to Call the Police?
The 23-year-old started to feel guilty about the whole situation. The only person who supported her decision was her grandfather, but the rest of her family blamed her for breaking up a family for no good reason.

Additionally, people pointed out that the sister had warned the brother about calling the police and informed him she was not home, so his decision to leave the kids at the door unattended was his fault. Commenters also believed she was the right guardian for children because she looked out for their best interests.