Online influencer sparks viral firestorm, says she’s ‘too pretty’ to work

An influencer ignited a firestorm in the online community when she posted a TikTok claiming that she’s “too pretty” for the daily grind of work.

Netizens swiftly criticized her, labeling her as “shallow” and “entitled” for suggesting that employment is only for those deemed less attractive.

Lucy Welcher, a social media influencer with nearly 20 million likes, caused a stir with a viral clip posted on November 8, 2022.

In the short video, the young blonde, known for her car-sitting and lifestyle content, expressed her disdain for the idea of working for the rest of her life. She flippantly stated, “I’m too pretty for that!” drawing ire from viewers who found her attitude lazy and self-absorbed.

Commenters lambasted Welcher for her perceived entitlement and lack of work ethic, with many expressing disbelief at her confidence and urging her to grow up.

In response to the backlash, Welcher deleted the controversial post and addressed the criticism in a follow-up video, where she claimed to be “slandered” across social media. She clarified that her initial video was meant as a joke, not a genuine assertion of superiority.

Days later, Welcher posted a remake of her infamous video, this time with the majority of commenters rallying behind her, recognizing the humor in her exaggerated statement. Some even joined in, affirming her supposed status as “too pretty” for the daily grind.