Reba McEntire Texted Kelly Clarkson ‘All the Time’ – She ‘Warned’ Kelly before Divorce from Her Stepson, Source Claims

In August 2015, Narvel Blackstock and his wife, Reba McEntire, stunned the country music community with news of their impending divorce, ending their 26-year marriage.

Reba, the legendary country singer, clarified that the divorce wasn’t her choice, expressing her reluctance toward it. Unfortunately, the separation proceedings between the couple turned acrimonious.

By October of the same year, Reba confirmed that their divorce had been finalized. Throughout her marriage to Narvel, she welcomed one child, son Shelby Blackstock, who pursued a career as a race car driver.

Narvel, on the other hand, had three children from a previous relationship, including son Brandon Blackstock, who was previously married to country music star and television personality Kelly Clarkson.

Despite the children not being biologically related to Reba, she embraced them wholeheartedly as her own. Reba spoke about her relationship with her stepchildren, emphasizing her maternal role in their lives.

Reba’s Bond with Her Stepchildren Reba considers all six children, including her biological son, as her own. She rejects the term “stepchildren” and has nurtured strong bonds with them since her first marriage to rancher Charlie Battles in 1976.

As a stepmother to Charlie’s two sons, Lance and Coty Battles, Reba played a significant maternal role even after her divorce from Charlie in 1987. Her second marriage to Narvel in 1989 introduced her to stepchildren Shawna, Brandon, and Chassidy Blackstock, whom she also embraced as her own.

During interviews, Reba emphasized that she didn’t distinguish between her biological and stepchildren, treating them all equally as her own. Despite only having one biological child with Narvel, Shelby, Reba maintained close relationships with all her stepchildren.

Reba’s Relationship with Kelly One of the most significant relationships in Reba’s life is with her former daughter-in-law, Kelly Clarkson. The bond between Reba and Kelly was evident when they appeared together on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 2007 to discuss their friendship.

Despite their 27-year age difference, Reba and Kelly developed a close friendship, often spending time together outside family gatherings. Kelly described Reba as a friend even before she married Brandon.

In a 2023 interview, Kelly spoke highly of Reba, describing her as a woman of sound mind and a significant influence in her life, especially in music. Despite Kelly’s divorce from Brandon in 2020, their relationship remained amicable, and they continued to collaborate professionally.

Kelly & Brandon’s Divorce When Kelly and Brandon announced their divorce in 2020 after nearly eight years of marriage, it came as a shock to many, including Reba. Sources revealed Reba’s emotional turmoil over the split, as she cherished her relationships with both Kelly and Brandon.

Despite her close bond with the couple, Reba reportedly remained neutral and refrained from taking sides during their divorce proceedings. She had reportedly anticipated challenges in their relationship and had even offered Kelly advice before their split.

Reba’s supportive stance toward Kelly and Brandon’s decision to separate demonstrated her commitment to their well-being and her role as a nurturing figure in their lives, regardless of the challenges they faced.

However, several years preceding the divorce, Reba purportedly offered unsolicited marriage guidance. Allegedly, Brandon’s stepmother “cautioned” the “Mr. Know It All” vocalist about the challenges of being in the spotlight, demanding work schedules, and her exuberant personality.

Brandon and Kelly cited “irreconcilable differences” as the grounds for their marital dissolution. A source disclosed that the couple drifted apart, desiring reconciliation but finding themselves as divergent individuals. Allegedly, it was Kelly who informed Reba about the impending divorce.

Sharing the Divorce News with Reba Reportedly, the “The Voice” judge disclosed the divorce decision to Reba after Kelly and Brandon had independently arrived at the conclusion without seeking her counsel. She confided in her friend as a gesture of respect.

Fortunately, despite Kelly’s challenging period, she and Reba managed to maintain communication. Reba’s relationship with her stepson also reportedly remained unchanged, viewing him with the same affection.

Reba’s Sentiments towards the Former Pair Now In October 2021, Reba shed some light on her present rapport with Brandon and Kelly. She informed Entertainment Tonight that while she and Kelly didn’t engage in conversations, they exchanged texts, and she continued to harbor affection for both her stepson and former daughter-in-law.

Reba clarified her stance of impartiality in the failed union, emphasizing her enduring friendship with Kelly. She affirmed her everlasting regard for Brandon, despite him being her stepson.

While Kelly showed no inclination to switch professions, her former spouse expressed a desire to exit the entertainment realm to embrace full-time ranching.

The country icon reaffirmed her affection for Brandon, deeming him akin to her blood, and expressed prayers for his and Kelly’s well-being. During that period, she voiced her support for her stepson and former daughter-in-law.

Reba expressed hopes for the former couple’s health and happiness and wished they would weather the ongoing storm. She implored others to offer encouragement to the pair during this challenging phase. Fortunately, Kelly managed to navigate the significant transition successfully.

Kelly’s Healing & Moving Forward In August 2021, insiders suggested that Kelly was preparing to re-enter the dating scene. Reports indicated that the singer had refrained from dating while awaiting the finalization of her divorce, which was allegedly two weeks away at the time.

According to sources, Kelly was seeking a younger partner, preferably an emerging country artist familiar with the music industry and Hollywood. In the interim, she and Brandon continued to co-parent their children.

While Kelly showed no intention of career alteration, her former partner expressed a desire to transition into full-time ranching on their Montana property, where he resided throughout the divorce proceedings.