Sharon Osbourne, 70, is virtually recognizable in new video after 30lb weight-loss

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Sharon Osbourne recently appeared on TalkTV alongside her husband Ozzy and their children, Kelly and Jack, for an interview with Piers Morgan. While discussing various topics, Sharon’s noticeably thin appearance drew significant attention.

Sharon confirmed earlier this year that she had been using the weight loss drug Ozempic to shed nearly 30 pounds, but her appearance on TalkTV surprised many of her fans.

She told Piers, “I didn’t want to go this thin,” expressing her feelings about her weight loss journey after making deliberate efforts to lose weight.

Once the clip of the Osbourne family’s TalkTV appearance hit the internet, people began commenting on Sharon’s frail look. Some Twitter users mentioned that she looked like a different person and had become too skinny. Others expressed concerns about her and mentioned similar appearances in other celebrities, suggesting they might be struggling with dysmorphia and needing professional help.

Some comments highlighted the significant change in Sharon’s appearance, describing her as looking frail and decades older.

Sharon had been open about her weight loss journey earlier in the year, sharing that she had gone from weighing 230 pounds to being under a hundred. She expressed her desire to maintain around 105 pounds but admitted to feeling too skinny. She had stopped taking Ozempic and mentioned that she might put some weight back on in the future.

This isn’t the first time Sharon’s appearance has sparked online discussions. In April of the same year, she revealed that she was quitting plastic surgery for good after a facelift in October 2021 left her with one eye lower than the other, which she described as “horrendous.”

Sharon’s decision to stop plastic surgery was influenced by her previous experience, and she expressed fear and dissatisfaction with the results. She had pushed the limits with her last facelift and decided it was time to avoid further procedures.

You can see Sharon’s appearance for yourself in the YouTube video provided in the article, starting at 8:00.