This is a timeline of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship.

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This is a Hollywood love story that has been going on for the past 20 years. From their first date to their breakup in 2004 and their recent romance, here is everything you need to know about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship.

Even though the couple first met in 2002, their up-and-down relationship has been closely watched for two decades—from the beginning to when it started again in 2021.

After dating for two years and grabbing a lot of attention in the media, the couple broke up in 2004. Lopez and Affleck both moved on to new relationships, got married, and had children after their breakup.

Here’s a summary of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship history:

In December 2001, they first got close while working on the not-so-great movie Gigli.

By November 2002, Affleck proposed with a special pink diamond engagement ring. In an interview, Lopez expressed her admiration, describing him as brilliantly smart, loving, charming, and affectionate.

Things took a turn in September 2003, just days before their planned wedding in Santa Barbara, California. They released a statement saying they were postponing the wedding.

In January 2004, less than three months after their planned wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck officially called it off. They confirmed their breakup with separate statements.

Over the next years, Jennifer Lopez married Marc Antony, and they had twins before getting divorced. Ben Affleck married Jennifer Garner, and they had three children before divorcing in 2015.

In April 2021, Affleck and Lopez remained friends. Affleck praised Lopez’s hard work and success in an InStyle interview.

In May 2021, they took a trip to Montana and were seen together. By May 21, they had reunited in Los Angeles, and by May 25, they were spotted together in Miami. Sources said they were having a lot of fun and were completely smitten with each other.

On June 8, 2021, reports said that Lopez was moving back to Los Angeles for a “fresh start” with Affleck. She was packing up in Miami, where she lived with her ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez. Lopez was planning to split her time between L.A. and the Hamptons, with her twins joining her. She was already looking at schools for them to attend in the fall.

On June 9, 2021, after a short time apart, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reportedly got back together in California. Affleck had been in Las Vegas working on a movie. On that day, Affleck was seen at a casino with Jennifer Lopez’s mom, Guadalupe Rodríguez. A source mentioned that Lupe was there to film a fun cameo.

June 14, 2021: The couple was seen kissing during dinner, not being shy about their affection. And they’ve continued to show their love publicly ever since.

June 25, 2021: They had a private date night at Avra Beverly Hills Estiatorio, enjoying Mediterranean food. Witnesses said they both looked happy, and Jennifer Lopez looked amazing. They seem to spend as much time together as possible.

July 4, 2021: The couple spent the holiday weekend in the Hamptons, wearing matching outfits.

July 6, 2021: In a new interview, Jennifer Lopez said she’s having the best time of her life.

July 13, 2021: Fans noticed that Lopez liked a picture of Affleck posted by a fan account, showing him on the set of The Town, looking strong in a Believe in Boston T-shirt.

July 15, 2021: The couple was photographed outside a $65 million mansion they were reportedly checking out in Holmby Hills, a fancy neighborhood in Los Angeles. Affleck stole a kiss, either before or after their tour of the home.

July 24, 2021: On Jennifer Lopez’s 52nd birthday, she posted a picture of her and Ben Affleck kissing on her Instagram. It was the fourth slide of the photo carousel, making it Instagram-official.

August 2021: The focus this month has been on the kids. On August 15, Lopez was reportedly seen with her 13-year-old daughter, Emme, picking up gifts for Ben Affleck’s daughters, 15-year-old Violet and 12-year-old Seraphina Affleck.

September 2021: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck make their red-carpet debut as a couple. On September 10, the pair get very cozy—and even share a kiss—at the Venice Film Festival premiere of Affleck’s new film, The Last Duel.

In December 2021, Ben Affleck said some controversial things about his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, during an interview with Howard Stern. On December 18, Jennifer Lopez denied rumors that she was upset with Affleck. She told People magazine that the story was not true and that she has a lot of respect for Ben as a father, a co-parent, and as a person.

In January 2022, Ben Affleck talks about the criticism of the movie “Gigli” in a conversation with his best friend, Matt Damon.

By February 2022, Jennifer Lopez seems more comfortable talking about her relationship with Affleck. On February 12, she sends a special Valentine’s Day gift from her boyfriend to her newsletter subscribers.

On April 8, 2022, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck publicly announce their engagement. Responding to rumors about Lopez’s relationship status after being seen with a ring, she teases a “major announcement” on Twitter.

On April 12, 2022, Lopez shares in her newsletter that Affleck proposed to her while she was in the bathtub.

July 16, 2022: When Lopez and Affleck are ready to get married, they go to Las Vegas. Now, she is officially known as Jennifer Lynn Affleck.

On August 11, 2022, a happy Ben Affleck is seen kissing Jennifer while holding Dunkin’ (a popular coffee brand) after years of seeing sad pictures and memes of him doing the same.

By August 20, 2022, the couple has a lavish second wedding at their Georgia estate. Jennifer wears a beautiful white Ralph Lauren gown, and Ben, in a black tuxedo with a white jacket, complements her. During the celebration, Jennifer serenades Ben, and they later go on a second honeymoon in Italy.

In November 2022, there’s a humorous note: Jennifer, who was a loyal Starbucks customer her whole life, is now a Dunkin’ fan. Locals in Boston know this is a big deal, almost like changing religions.

In December 2022, Ben goes to a Starbucks. A week later, he and Jennifer sing for their guests at a Christmas party, but unfortunately, the videos are no longer on Instagram.

By January 2023, Jennifer reveals in an interview that both their families are now living together. She says, “We moved in together, the kids moved in together, so it’s been like a really kind of emotional transition, but at the same time, like, all your dreams coming true.”

On February 14, 2023, for their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, Ben and Jen get tattoos with their initials and names. A unique way to celebrate!

On February 5, 2023, Ben and Jennifer make their debut as a couple at the Grammys. Some viewers notice that Ben seems a bit grumpy, maybe because it’s more about Jennifer’s industry (music) than his.

Moving to May 3, 2023, Jennifer’s mother, Guadalupe Rodríguez, claims she’s the mastermind behind bringing the lovers back together. She says, “I knew that you would always get back together because I prayed for 20 years.” Quite a story!

On May 10, 2023, a video of Ben Affleck gallantly opening his wife’s car door and then slamming it angrily causes a stir on Twitter. It seems he’s irritated by the paparazzi, something he might have thought about before marrying the fame-friendly Jennifer Lopez.

On May 31, 2023, the couple buys a new home! It’s like a palace with 24 bathrooms and 12 bedrooms on a 5-acre property. They looked for a home for two years, going in and out of escrow, but never sealing the deal.

In June 2023, even though “The Flash” movie didn’t do well for Ezra Miller, we got some cute red carpet photos of Affleck and Lopez!

By July 2023, Bennifer goes on a date night to Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

In August 2023, Jennifer shares some never-seen-before moments from their bigger wedding to mark their one-year anniversary. She also wears a chain with Ben’s initials around her neck, not because he owns her, but because he truly understands her.