This Italian Teen’s 2006 Death Could Make Him the First Millennial Saint!

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Think about saints, and you might picture people who lived a long time ago. But there’s big news: the world might soon have its first millennial saint, someone who lived not too long ago!

Carlo Acutis, an Italian teenager, could become the first millennial saint. He passed away in 2006 when he was only 15 years old. Carlo is special because he’s known as the patron saint of the internet. He was really good with computers and used them to talk about his faith.

Carlo was born in London, but his family moved to Milan when he was little. He loved Catholicism from a young age. His passion for the religion was so strong that it even inspired his mom, Antonia Acutis, to rejoin the church. Even as a kid, he went to church every day.


From a young age, Carlo felt a strong calling to help others. He did things like giving to homeless people to make a difference. Before he died, Carlo used his computer skills to create a website to help others.

After he passed away, his mom got messages from people all over the world. They told her about miracles that happened after they prayed to Carlo. Some said they got better from cancer or became able to have children.

Carlo’s mom said he was like a light in the darkness of the internet. Some people even called him an “influencer for God” because they admired him so much.

Carlo’s mom, Ms. Acutis, believes her son’s life shows how the internet can be used for good things.

In 2020, the Diocese of Assisi, where Carlo’s family had property, asked the Vatican to make him a saint.


In February 2020, Pope Francis said a sick boy got better after touching Carlo’s shirt.

To become a saint, Carlo needs one more miracle. The Vatican says a Costa Rican student got better after her mom prayed to Carlo.

The Pope might call a meeting to talk about making Carlo a saint, but there’s no date for the ceremony yet.

It will be interesting to see Carlo become the first millennial saint! What do you think? Let us know in the comments and share this news with your friends and family.