Valid Reasons To End A Relationship, Even If You Love Your Partner

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Letting go is one of the hardest things human beings have to learn in life. Especially when love gets involved in the situation, when you adore your partner to bits, ending a relationship might be incomprehensible. But there might be some very valid reasons why your relationship is not destined for the long haul. We have compiled a list of reasons so you might better understand your gut feelings.

1. You Have Different Financial Goals

Finances always create a sticky situation in a relationship, especially if you have different ideas for what you want in life. Some people are happy with just the basics. They wish only to live a simple life. Others want success and to grow financially to a certain point. It is important to be able to work towards a certain goal with your partner. But, if your financial ideals differ greatly, you will run into some problems later down the line.

2. You Might Think Of Ending a Relationship if You’ve Grown Apart

This is a common phenomenon, especially in younger people. We are always growing and changing and it is quite common for people, even lovers, to grow apart. If you have noticed that your future goals, your personal interests, or anything else is starting to differ completely, then you might need to start to consider ending a relationship

3. Lack of Communication

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Many people have different ways of opening up about their needs and desires, but if your partner is unable to communicate with you, it is a sure sign your relationship will not last. You can try speaking to them about it, and work on ways to better your communication. But, if the struggles persist, you might need to end the relationship.

4. Consider Ending a Relationship if they Need to Do Some Self-Work

If someone neglects the necessary self-work, they might become co-dependent on their partner for support. Self-work leads you to a point where self-love is abundant. Without love for yourself, you cannot fully love someone else. This might make ending a relationship necessary – at least for a while.

5. Your Partner Tends to Lie

Honesty is the best policy in life, especially between you and your partner. Truthfulness is often overlooked in relationships, and many people have a tendency to make “white lies” or bend the truth in their favor. This can cause a rift between the two of you that will threaten the foundations of the love you share.

6. Not Exciting You in Bed Might Lead to Ending a Relationship

Having an emotional connection with your partner is only a portion of what makes a healthy relationship. The sexual side is just as crucial to creating a strong union. If your partner is unexciting and refuses to listen to what your desires entail, there is minimal hope for your future together. This is where thoughts of ending a relationship might start going through your head. The ideal partner should want to satisfy your needs, in every way. That being said, you might have different ideas for what you find pleasing. Your partner either needs to be open towards your ideas, or they need to share the same.

7. Physical or Emotional Abuse

Abuse in any form is never a good thing. If you find yourself feeling ashamed after opening up about something you need from your partner, they might be emotionally abusing you. The same goes for fearing to open up and refusing to do so altogether. Physical abuse is a bit more obvious to identify. In both cases, it is strongly advisable to walk away from your partner.

8. Arguing All the Time Can Lead to Ending a Relationship

Fighting is never fun. One needs to be able to communicate with their partner without it resulting in a constant argument. You can try to work on your communication skills, but if that doesn’t help, they might need to do some self-work before the two of you can carry on with your relationship. It’s okay to consider ending a relationship in this case.