Heartbreaking: Abandoned Dog’s Tearful Tale Will Leave You in Tears!

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It’s always sad when dogs are abandoned. You can see how sad they are.

But there are kind people who give these dogs another chance. This happened to a puppy left at a shelter.

Last week, the Pennsylvania SPCA found a five-month-old puppy outside their Philadelphia building. She was tied to a pole.

There was a note with her that said: “Good Puppy. House Broken. Don’t Have A Name.”

The dog looked healthy, but she had stuff coming out of her eyes that looked like tears, said a Facebook post.

“We had to wipe away the tears from her eyes,” the SPCA wrote.

“Our hearts broke for her. She was so scared… At just five months old, this sweet girl has been left alone by probably the only family she knew.”

“But now she’s safe with us.”

The SPCA named the dog “Minerva.” Though she was scared and heartbroken, she was also sweet and loving, and the shelter wanted to do everything they could to give her the second chance she deserves.

Good news! Sweet Minerva didn’t have to wait long for a happy ending. On May 10, the SPCA announced that Minerva had been adopted!

People were really happy about this. “Congratulations to beautiful Minerva and her equally beautiful forever family,” one person commented. “Thank you for adopting this sweet baby and giving her such a wonderful home with you.”

“Ohhh look at those smiling faces!!!” another person wrote. “You are amazing!! She’s gonna be spoiled! No more tears there!”

While Minerva’s story ended happily, sadly, many dogs like her are being left at shelters every day. This is happening more often, and it’s worrying. The SPCA wants people to think about adopting these dogs.

“We are seeing more dogs being left at our shelter,” the Pennsylvania SPCA said. “More people are giving up their dogs. And fewer people are adopting.”

“Dogs just like Minerva need homes every day. We rescue animals from bad situations and after they are left behind. We hope that loving families will adopt them.”

It’s really sad how many dogs are abandoned, but we’re happy Minerva found a great new home — she won’t cry anymore ❤️

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