“Rod Stewart has some surprising news about his growing family!”

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“Rod Stewart, who is one of the most famous singers of his time, is now 78 years old. He really cares about his family, including his children and grandchildren.

Guess what? He’s going to have a new member in his family soon! If you want to find out more about it, just keep reading!”



“The singer of ‘Maggie May,’ Rod Stewart, is comfortable with kids because he has eight of his own. He recently became a grandfather too.

His daughter Ruby, who is the fourth of his children, shared the news about her son’s birth on May 9. She and her fiancé Jake Kalic are now parents.

And that’s not all! Just a few days after Rod became a grandfather for the first time, his son Liam told him that another grandson named Louie was born on May 12. The baby’s parents are Liam Stewart, who is 28, and his partner Nicole Ann.”



The new dad shared a bunch of pictures on Instagram and wrote, “Hey there, little one! You’re a mix of American, British, Croatian, and Kiwi.”

Rod Stewart has a son named Liam from his marriage to Rachel Hunter (which lasted from 1990 to 2006). Liam’s grandmother, Rachel Hunter, said, “Welcome, beautiful angel.” Rod’s current wife, Penny Lancaster, also left a comment, saying, “Congratulations! That’s the look of love. Can’t wait for a hug.”

It looks like the Rod Stewart family is getting a new member. The parents of little Louie, Rod and Nicole Artukovich’s son Liam, are getting married soon!



The couple announced their engagement by putting up the same photo on their Instagram pages. The picture had the word “Forever” and a diamond ring emoji.

In the photo, the newly engaged Nicole shows off her ring by placing it on her fiancé’s chest. They’re looking at each other with affection.

Of course, everyone in the family was happy to hear the news and celebrate. Penny Lancaster commented with a heart emoji, saying, “So magical, congratulations.”



“Finally! Love you both! Congratulations!” cheekily commented Liam’s sister, Rudy.

Liam’s brother, Alastair, added, “Great vibes!” to the comments.

This is fantastic news! Congratulations to the Stewart family for getting even bigger. As the young couple starts their new journey, we wish them the very best of luck.

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