Parents say goodbye to their newborn as life support is switched off, then he starts breathing immediately

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In an extraordinary twist of fate, a baby named Karson has surpassed all medical expectations and managed to survive despite severe health complications. Karson was born with significant medical issues, including a hemorrhage in the left temporal lobe and a rare genetic disorder known as Non-ketotic hyperglycinemia.

Faced with the agonizing decision to discontinue life support, Karson’s mother made a courageous choice. The family braced themselves for the worst, as medical professionals predicted that he wouldn’t be able to breathe independently.

However, a miracle unfolded. Contrary to all prognoses, Karson began breathing on his own immediately after being taken off the ventilator. His heart rate and oxygen levels stabilized, leaving the medical team bewildered. Lisa Hough, Karson’s grandmother, conveyed the family’s astonishment, stating, “He is breathing unassisted. He is swallowing. He is surviving.”

Despite the absence of a scientific explanation, the family embraced this unexpected miracle. Karson continued to defy expectations, and on March 1, they received joyful news – their miracle baby was finally coming home.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Lisa Hough shared the family’s journey on social media, receiving an outpouring of support. With over 30,000 reactions, the community joined in celebrating Karson’s survival, extending heartfelt wishes to the family for health and happiness with their precious miracle baby.