Spouse Discovers I’m Renting Dad’s Gifted Home, Insists on 50% Share

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An 18-year-old woman, who was the owner of a two-story building, allowed her boyfriend to move in without disclosing her property ownership. The woman had been renting out the lower floor for additional income. When her boyfriend discovered her role as a landlord, he became upset and demanded a 50% share of the rental income.

The woman, appreciative of her father’s gift of a two-story home, turned the lower floor into a source of passive income by renting it out for $500. She justified the rent based on the location being an hour’s drive from the city and 15 minutes from the nearest store, claiming it was a fair charge compared to similar modern accommodations.

After six months into their relationship, the woman invited her boyfriend to move in, offering him a place to stay without asking for rent or utilities. They shared grocery expenses evenly. However, she kept her property ownership a secret, considering it insignificant and not commonly discussed.

The revelation occurred when a tenant informed her about a malfunctioning freezer. In her boyfriend’s presence, she promised to cover the cost of a replacement. When she disclosed her role as a landlord, her boyfriend reacted strongly, accusing her of deception and demanding 50% of the rental income.

Despite offering an apology, the boyfriend continued berating her, asserting that landlords were solely motivated by money. Faced with this attitude, the woman chose to end the relationship and sought support from her father. During their confrontation, the boyfriend expressed regret, insulted the woman, threatened exposure to friends, and attempted to damage property.

The woman reached out to her father, who intervened, prompting the boyfriend to leave and declare he never wanted to see them again. Reddit users largely sided with the woman, with some suggesting a change of locks for security.

In hindsight, was the woman justified in refusing to share her rental income and ending the relationship? What actions would you have taken in a similar situation?