Science Reveals The Perfect Female Body

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Although beauty is only skin deep, there is something to be said about the beauty that we see with our eyes. We know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but seeing something beautiful can really make you feel good.

Of course, this sometimes is taken to an extreme and people will avoid those who don’t fit into the perfect criteria they have set up for themselves. Surprisingly, this is also something that changes as time moves on.

When you think back to the way society viewed the perfect woman 70 years ago, one of the first people that comes to mind is Marilyn Monroe. If you go back several hundred years, you have a completely different-looking female that would be considered the perfect choice.

As we move through time, it doesn’t take hundreds of years for this to change. The ideal woman in many people’s eyes changes from one decade to the next.

For example, people in the 80s wanted to see curvy women who were very athletic. In the 90s, women were expected to be extremely thin and have skin that you could almost see through.

In more recent years, science has taken over and it continues to let us know what we should consider to be the perfect woman. Of course, there are going to be trends and they may come and go very quickly, but the ideal look is going to remain the same for the most part.

Researchers from the University of Texas wanted to find out the scientific truth about what would be considered a beautiful female body. These are standards geared toward our modern day, and they include the following.

The ideal woman is 1.68 meters tall, with a bust, waist, and hip size of 99, 63, and 91 cm, respectively. That’s also 5’5 ft. tall, with a bust, waist, and hip size of 38.9, 24.8, and 35.8 inches, respectively.

If you are trying to think of somebody who has those measurements, you don’t need to look any further than Kelly Brooks. She is a model, actress, and personality who is regularly seen in the media. She has a body that fits the description offered by scientists perfectly.

At one time, she had difficulty getting her modeling career going because she was considered to be too plump by many agencies. More recently, however, she has been doing well in the fashion and modeling industry and was even crowned the sexiest woman alive in 2005.

These days, she continues to run a successful career and is the poster girl for what science considers to be perfect.

It really all comes down to the 99-63-91 specifications. These are associated with studies that show men tend to be attracted to females that are curvier. Perhaps this is due to curviness being associated with fertility.

Although we may feel that way, it isn’t always the case. Body type is only a small portion of what makes a woman fertile, as a woman with even the scientifically perfect body could deal with fertility problems.

In the end, beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. Science may have their opinions, but many of us have our own opinions as well