5 Biggest Liars and The Cheaters of The Zodiac

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Infidelity takes different forms, and it’s essential to recognize the distinctions among those who stray.

According to astrological insights, disloyalty manifests uniquely in each zodiac sign.

The emotionally detached cheater ~ Cancer

While Cancers are known for their emotional depth and loyalty to friends and family, this commitment often wanes in a romantic relationship. If a Cancer’s partner fails to provide emotional support, they may seek solace elsewhere.

Turning fantasies into reality ~ Pisces

Pisces inhabitants reside in a world of fantasy and occasionally indulge in misbehavior. Their heightened sexual desire may override rational thinking, leading them astray.

The attention-seeking cheater ~ Leo

Leos crave the spotlight, and if they feel neglected or trapped, they’ll seek admiration elsewhere. Once a Leo senses unhappiness, it won’t hesitate to find someone new who can reignite their joy.

Yearning for freedom ~ Aquarius

Aquarians thrive on learning and detest being tied down. Their pursuit of novelty often outweighs momentary regrets, as their desire for new experiences takes precedence.

Infidelity in the bedroom ~ Capricorn

While Capricorns are typically loyal when in a compatible relationship, their loyalty wavers when things feel amiss. If discontentment sets in, they may seek comfort in the arms of another.

Despite being a sign associated with loyalty, Capricorns won’t hesitate to leave for someone who can offer them more.