Angelina Jolie’s Brother Gets Involved in Church After Easing from Hollywood — They Haven’t Been Seen Together for Years, Source Claims

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Angelina Jolie’s life has often been under the scrutiny of the media, from her high-profile divorce with Brad Pitt to the custody battle over their six children.

One notable incident that drew attention occurred in 2000 when she publicly kissed her brother, James Haven, after winning an Oscar. This gesture unveiled their close bond, forged during challenging times in their childhood, facing their father’s temper together.

Haven has spoken about their father, Jon Voight, describing him as having a temper, focusing on their faults more than strengths. Despite their parents’ 1976 split, the siblings formed a strong bond, standing up to their father and protecting their mother. Their relationship evolved after their mother’s death, but it strained when Haven worked as Jolie and Pitt’s full-time nanny.

Despite Haven’s challenging relationship with his father, he and Jolie remained close. The public kiss happened when Jolie won the Oscar for “Girl, Interrupted,” expressing love for her brother. Throughout their lives, Haven and Jolie have been primary sources of support for each other.

Since childhood, only two years apart, they’ve stood by each other, especially after their parents’ divorce when Jolie was two. Haven jokingly suggested that his sister’s pickiness might be why he hasn’t found the right woman. After their mother’s death in 2007, they honored her at Jolie’s wedding, wearing her jewelry.

As Jolie and Pitt faced divorce negotiations, Haven acted as a caretaker for their children. However, after a year, he was reportedly let go, and his relationship with Jolie cooled.

The reason for their distancing remains unknown, even to close sources. Haven, once an actor, left the industry after a short career and embraced Christianity, reportedly influencing his relationship with his father.

Despite their current lack of communication, Haven’s impact on Jolie’s life is significant. Jolie and Pitt named their daughter Shiloh after what would have been Haven’s name. Haven also encouraged Jolie to reconcile with her estranged father during a trip to Italy.