At the Super Bowl in 2024, Taylor Swift wore a necklace with the number ’87’ on it to show support for Travis Kelce.

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At the Super Bowl in 2024, Taylor Swift made a quiet but important statement when she arrived.

Even though not everyone may have noticed right away, those paying attention could see something special around Taylor’s neck.

This year, the big star wasn’t a new football player – it was Taylor Swift, who often gets noticed for cheering on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Super Bowl this year seemed just as much about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as it did about the football game. After a long flight from Tokyo, Taylor Swift arrived at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas in style.

Of course, headlines and live TV showed Taylor’s every move as she entered the stadium. Her fans, called Swifties, looked closely at everything from her hair to her clothes and accessories.

Many people probably wondered if Taylor would send a message to her boyfriend, and she did – but subtly.

According to Page Six, Taylor Swift proudly wore a necklace with her boyfriend’s jersey number, “87,” from Stephanie Gottlieb, which costs $4,250. She also carried a football clutch by Judith Leiber with the same number, which costs $4,495.

Even though Taylor hasn’t talked about why the necklace is important, her being at the game with Kelce said a lot. She also wore a red Wear by Erin Andrew Chiefs jacket, which costs $130, with the team’s founding year, “60,” on the back.

Taylor wore a crocheted top by Dion Lee that costs $720 and crystal-embellished jeans by Area that cost $695.

Taylor Swift has a lot of fans, so her being at the game got a lot of attention.

For some people, it might have seemed like too much since the Super Bowl is usually about football. But it’s also part of what makes big events like this interesting – they bring attention from different parts of society and give people something to talk about even after the game.

It’s a unique thing about the Super Bowl that makes it one of the most talked-about events every year. What do you think about it? You can share your thoughts and opinions on Facebook!