Brett Favre spoke with Toby Keith just days before his death their shocking conversation revealed

As the world mourns the loss of Toby Keith, details emerge about the final chapter of the country legend’s life.

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre reflects on his conversations with Keith in the weeks preceding his death on February 5. Favre recounts sensing that the end was near for the country star.

“He seemed weary,” Favre shared with TMZ. “During our conversation, he said to me, ‘Brett… whatever happens, I’m at peace with it.'”

Favre felt compelled to reach out to his friend after observing Keith’s declining health during his December performances in Las Vegas. Despite regular check-ins every three months, Favre remained hopeful that Keith would overcome his illness.

However, Keith’s decision to cease chemotherapy, as recounted by Favre, signaled a shift in the battle against stomach cancer. Despite this, Keith expressed gratitude for the opportunity to perform and complete his shows.

Favre commended Keith for his resilience in facing his illness with dignity, noting that the “Red Solo Cup” singer confronted cancer admirably.

Keith passed away peacefully on Monday night, surrounded by loved ones, marking the end of a journey that began with his cancer diagnosis in December 2021.

“He was a true entertainer,” Favre reflected. “Among the best.”

Toby Keith’s legacy lives on in the hearts of his fans. Let’s honor his memory by sharing this story.