Bridget Moynahan’s Breathtaking Wedding Ceremony, a Celebration Years After Tom Brady Split

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After breaking up with the pro-athlete Tom Brady, Bridget Moynahan has found happiness in love years later.

You might recall that they split after being together for two years, and soon after, Moynahan revealed she was pregnant. Now, their child is 16.

Moynahan faced the challenge of being a single mom during her first and only pregnancy. But there’s a happy ending to her story. Read on to learn more!

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2008, Bridget Moynahan, who is now 52, openly talked about her unexpected journey as a single mother. She admitted, “I never thought I would raise a child alone,” and expressed her desire for a partner who could be equal in roles – a partner, a lover, and a friend.

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Finding out she was going to have a baby was surprising and challenging for Bridget Moynahan. She always believed in getting married before having children, so this unexpected situation was tough for her to accept.

During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she shared, “I’m a traditional girl, and I believe in marriage, and I always thought that’s the way I’d be doing this. For a moment, it was hard for me to accept that this was the way I was going to have a family.”

After breaking up with former NFL star Tom Brady in December 2006, Bridget discovered she was pregnant, and the news came three months after their split. Tom had started a new relationship with supermodel Gisele Bündchen by then. This made the situation more complicated and, as Bridget described, “traumatic.”

Reflecting on this experience, she said it was challenging to go through pregnancy and become a mom while facing a lot of attention from the media. She admitted, “I’m not sure anyone – and I could be wrong in this – grows up thinking, I want to be a single mom.”

Bridget Moynahan during “A Time For Heroes” Sponsored by Disney to Benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation – Arrivals at Wadsworth Theater in Westwood, California, United States. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

While Bridget Moynahan was busy raising her son, Jack, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen got married in February 2009. Just 10 months later, they had their first child, Benjamin. Later, in December 2012, they welcomed their second child, Vivian. Unfortunately, after 13 years together, they got divorced in 2022.

Gisele, in her memoir, shared that when she found out Tom’s ex-girlfriend Bridget was pregnant, it was tough for her. She said, “Two months into our relationship, Tom told me that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant. The very next day, the news was everywhere, and I felt my world got turned upside down.”

On the other hand, Bridget Moynahan found comfort and happiness in her son, John “Jack” Edward Thomas, who was born in 2007.

In her 2019 book, “Our Shoes, Our Selves,” Bridget talked about the challenges she faced during that time, especially feeling uncomfortable being in the public eye. She wrote, “Having a baby should have been the most joyous time of my life, but instead, I felt assaulted.”

Despite the difficulties, she embraced motherhood, realizing it brought her more fulfillment than her careers in modeling and acting could. Bridget has expressed her love for being a mother many times, saying, “I have become that mother I used to dread. Every time he does something, you think he’s a genius. He’s a genius,” according to Harper’s Bazaar.

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Bridget Moynahan’s life got better when she met Andrew Frankel, who is 49 years old, through friends they both knew. They got engaged in April 2015 and had a secret wedding at Wolffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack, New York, in October of the same year. Instead of asking for gifts, they suggested people donate to The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.

She fondly remembers the beautiful wedding, feeling thankful for the attention to detail in her dress and the whole celebration. People were happy for Bridget at that time, recognizing that she truly deserved happiness after going through a public breakup and being a single mom.


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Bridget Moynahan and Andrew Frankel have a blended family that includes his three sons from a previous relationship. They all create a loving and supportive environment for Bridget’s son, Jack.

Even though Bridget faced unexpected challenges, she is grateful for the extended family that surrounds her son. She shared with More magazine (via Us Weekly), “My son has two loving parents and an extended family, whether it’s cousins or stepmothers or boyfriends. My son is surrounded by love.”

Bridget’s story shows she is someone who stays strong and embraces life’s surprises. She consistently shows the strength of a determined mother providing love and support for her child, which is truly admirable. What are your thoughts on Bridget Moynahan? Share in the comments!