Cher’s Child Went through Transition & Found Happiness as a Married Man – Inside His New Life

Chaz Bono, the offspring of pop icon Cher and her former spouse, singer Sonny Bono, grew up in a household marked by Sonny’s dominant influence over Cher’s life. Cher felt stifled and isolated as Sonny discouraged her from forming friendships and encroached upon her personal space, both in their personal and professional lives. This power dynamic ultimately led to their separation.

Before Chaz’s birth, Cher endured multiple miscarriages due to a condition termed as an “angry uterus,” causing anguish as she navigated through cycles of hope and despair. Chaz’s arrival brought a new dynamic to Cher and Sonny’s relationship, with Cher acknowledging Sonny’s role as a devoted father.

Despite her deep love for her children, Cher admits to struggling with motherhood, particularly due to the demands of her career, which necessitated constant travel and upheaval in their lives.

As her children matured, Cher realized the importance of stability, although it meant sacrificing time with them, a decision she later regretted.

Chaz’s journey towards self-discovery and acceptance involved a gender transition, initially challenging for Cher, who grappled with feelings of loss and adjustment. Over time, Cher’s support for Chaz strengthened, fostering a deeper bond between them marked by mutual respect and understanding.

While Cher embraced Chaz’s transition, others in their family, like Georganne, Cher’s sister, initially struggled to comprehend the situation. However, witnessing Chaz’s transformation and understanding his journey fostered acceptance and reaffirmed the strength of their familial bond.

Despite the challenges Chaz faced in his personal life, including past relationship difficulties, he found solace and companionship in his relationship with Shara Blue Mathes, marking a new chapter in his life journey.

Despite not actively seeking a romantic relationship, Shara Blue Mathes, a former child actress known for her role in the 1984 comedy series “It’s Your Move,” unexpectedly found love with Chaz Bono mere months later.

Their connection blossomed, underscoring the notion that love often emerges when least anticipated. Bonding over shared experiences of navigating the entertainment industry and overcoming addiction, they discovered a profound connection.

For Chaz, this newfound romance with Mathes brought a sense of wholeness, complementing the fulfillment he experienced through his gender transition.

Cher, Chaz’s mother, warmly embraced their relationship, extending her blessing to the couple. Mathes, herself a single mother, was welcomed into the fold, her presence enriching the familial bond.

Cher’s mother, the esteemed singer and actress Georgia Holt, also embraced Mathes, inviting her to partake in family celebrations, including Holt’s 91st birthday. The family dynamic thrived, with regular visits between Mathes and Cher’s families solidifying Mathes’ integral role within the familial unit.

Their relationship was further affirmed during a romantic trip to Adelaide, Australia, in October 2018, where they attended Cher’s performance as part of her “Here We Go Again Tour.” Cher’s public acceptance of their union was evident, exemplified by her graciousness in posing for photographs alongside Mathes.

The couple’s connection to Cher’s legacy was highlighted during their attendance at “The Cher Show,” a musical depicting Cher’s life with Sonny Bono in New York in January 2019.

As special guests, they relished the opportunity to explore the backstage intricacies of the production, further solidifying their bond with Cher’s iconic persona.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Mathes celebrated Cher’s birthday in 2019, emphasizing the endearing relationship she shares with her “Mother-in-Law (basically).”

The post, accompanied by a backstage photo, humorously alluded to the family’s discerning eye for photographic approval, highlighting the warmth and humor within their familial interactions.

In 2021, Mathes bravely disclosed her battle with cancer on Instagram, expressing gratitude for Chaz’s unwavering support. Their relationship stood as a testament to love’s resilience in the face of adversity, exemplifying the depth of their connection and commitment to each other’s well-being.