Elizabeth Taylor’s grandson is very happy and honored to carry on her legacy of helping people and making a positive impact on society.

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In the world of old Hollywood stars, Elizabeth Taylor is considered one of the best. She was an American actress who was really famous. People loved her because she was not only beautiful but also had captivating violet eyes and a great presence on screen. When people thought of actresses, she was one of the first names that came to mind.

At one point, Elizabeth Taylor was in a relationship with Richard Burton. They acted together in several movies, like ‘Cleopatra,’ ‘The Taming of the Shrew,’ and ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ In these movies, Elizabeth Taylor showed off some of her best and most famous performances.



Elizabeth Taylor’s personal life was widely talked about, along with her very successful career.

She got married eight times in total, and Richard Burton was her husband two times. Even though her romantic relationships were sometimes complicated, Elizabeth Taylor eventually had the family she always wanted.

She had four children: Michael Wilding Jr. and Christopher Edward Wilding with her second husband, Liza Todd with her third husband, and Maria Burton, whom she adopted when she married her fifth husband, Richard Burton.

After Elizabeth Taylor passed away, she left behind four children and ten grandchildren. Her grandchildren, who are all grown up now, have been sharing their happy memories of their late grandmother in recent years.

Here are her grandchildren: Michael’s kids are Naomi Wilding, Laela Wilding, and Tarquin Wilding; Christopher’s kids are Caleb Wilding, Andrew Wilding, and Lowell Wilding; Liza Todd’s kids are Quinn Tivey and Rhys Tivey; and Maria’s kids are Eliza Carson and Richard McKeown.

Quinn, especially, shares a striking resemblance with his late grandmother, and both of them shared a passion for helping people who were going through difficult times. They both had beautiful eyes.



What mattered most to Elizabeth Taylor was being a grandmother, even though she was beautiful, successful in her job, involved in politics, and had many romantic relationships.

She had a total of ten grandchildren, all of whom are now grown-ups. Her grandson Quinn shared that he remembers her giving advice while watching movies and having conversations when they were together in bed.

Quinn’s mom is Liza Todd, and his grandpa is Taylor. In an interview in March 2021, Laela, another grandchild, talked about how Taylor got involved in activism to spread a message of hope to the world. Laela mentioned that Taylor was affected early on by the AIDS problem and felt others weren’t taking it seriously. So, she stepped up and brought attention to it genuinely and sincerely.

Taylor’s strong work ethic, dedication to her art, and passion not only inspired her many followers but also influenced her own family. Laela said, “She was the kind of person who, when she saw something wrong, immediately started speaking up about it, and she never stopped doing so.”

Who she was is very important, even if it might not be exactly how people first think of her.



According to TODAY, Elizabeth Taylor started two organizations to help with AIDS: the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF) in 1991 and the American Foundation for AIDS Research in 1985. She was a part of both.

Now, her whole family is working with these foundations because they want to continue Taylor’s mission and dedication to fighting AIDS. They think it’s very important. Even Taylor’s grandson, Quinn, is involved in running ETAF.

Quinn has been part of the foundation as an official and ambassador, representing it both in the United States and other countries. He’s also helping manage Taylor’s estate, as she wanted.

In a 2021 interview with PEOPLE, Quinn said he believes Taylor would be happy to see the foundation still helping. He explained that the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation was created by his grandma 30 years ago to directly help people with HIV and AIDS, as well as those affected by the illness.

Quinn feels honored to see ETAF continue Taylor’s work, like educating lawmakers, spreading awareness, correcting misinformation, and reducing stigma and fear. Even though the fight against HIV/AIDS isn’t over, he’s happy to see the foundation keep going because it’s a big part of Taylor’s legacy. Quinn is sure that his grandma would appreciate this effort. The goal of the project is to change laws to better match what we now know scientifically, dealing with issues state by state.




Quinn added that Grandma would have been quite happy with the work being done through the ‘HIV Is Not A Crime’ project.

Grandma always stood up for what she believed in and lived her life to the utmost. She wouldn’t cave to pressure from others, and she wouldn’t defend the status quo if she didn’t think it served the interests of the populace.

Quinn not only honors his late grandmother’s memory by continuing the traditions she started, but he also remarkably resembles her, especially in the vibrant eyes he got from her.

Given that Taylor’s grandchildren have proven to be lovely on the inside as well as the outside, it is reasonable to assume that her memory will live on forever.