He Died in Excruciating Pain at 40 Kilograms: it was Rumored that his Wife had Beaten him Until His Last Day

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He was born in Houston in 1952, on August 18th. His mother, Jessie Wayne, was a dance instructor, choreographer, and ballet school director, while his father was a talented engineering draftsman.

Patrick took dance lessons from a young age, developing a love for ballet despite being teased by classmates for engaging in what they considered a feminine pursuit. Swayze was raised as a Roman Catholic.

In high school, Patrick began participating in more serious sports such as football and swimming. He excelled in school, which allowed him to choose a college. He was even offered a gymnastics and dance scholarship. In the end, he enrolled at the University of Houston because he wanted to pursue gymnastics, but he soon changed his mind and switched to dance. He joined a dance company and embarked on a tour of the United States.

His brilliant film career, accompanied by alcohol problems

During a dance performance, Patrick injured his knee and had to abandon his dream. Since the injury was severe, he even ended up on the operating table. After realizing that he had finished that part of his life, he decided to take matters into his own hands and become an actor. He began his career in a local theater, and after three years of working on himself and his acting skills, his performances became the most attended and beloved at the time.

When Hollywood noticed him, they initially gave him roles in low-budget films that didn’t achieve much success.

In 1981, he appeared in an episode of the TV series “M. A. S. H.,” and in 1984, he had a notable role in the movie “Red Dawn.”

He got a slightly better role in the 1987 film “Dirty Dancing,” where he played the character of Johnny Castle. The film was a huge success and achieved cult status in Hollywood. This was his stepping stone for his further career.

Interestingly, Patrick got this role because of his excellent dancing skills. Before him, the role had been offered to Val Kilmer, who turned it down, while Billy Zane didn’t get it because he didn’t dance well.

His best role came a little later, in the early twenties, when he shared the screen with legendary figures like Whoopi Goldberg and Demi Moore in the movie “Ghost.” The film received critical acclaim and enjoyed tremendous commercial success, earning over five hundred million dollars worldwide at the box office.

After that role, Patrick became a globally recognized actor, with more than 80 percent of women around the world madly in love with him. In his twenties, he continued to achieve success in films such as “Point Break” and “Father Hood.”

Swayze’s extensive knowledge of dance helped him get roles, and most of the characters he played were related to dance. Although at the beginning of his career, he mostly starred in romantic films, he later began to get roles in more demanding thrillers.

In 1994, he fell into a crisis when his sister committed suicide. As he couldn’t cope with everything that had happened, he turned to alcohol. That same year, he went to rehab for the first time to continue his acting career.

The last film he made in the nineties was “Black Dog,” premiered in 1998, in which he played the character of Jack Crews. In those years, Swayze started drinking again and had significant problems with alcohol, which is why he didn’t film movies for two years. He checked himself into clinical rehabilitation to overcome the crisis.

The first film he made after leaving rehab was “Forever Lulu,” in which he partnered with the excellent Melanie Griffith. After that, he got a role in the science fiction drama “Donnie Darko,” where he had a supporting role.

Patrick married the beautiful Lisa Niemi on June 12, 1975, and spent 34 years with her. They met when Swayze was only 18 years old, and Niemi was 14 years older than him, attending dance classes at his mother’s studio.

In an interview, the famous actor gave in 2008, he said about his wife:

She was my inspiration when I wrote the song “She’s like the wind.”
Not so long ago, in 1989, he told one newspaper a little more about his dark side:

I always felt somehow different, but I was afraid to look deeper. I was afraid of what I would find. That’s why I started studying Buddhism, going to psychotherapy, getting into Scientology, and practicing meditation. I tried to support that side of my personality. But, you know, it doesn’t exist in Texas.
About his relationship with his wife, the public only found out when he got sick. He claimed that he was under house arrest, and his wife Lisa treated him very violently and cheated on him at every turn. He died in the worst agony, in filth, and intense pain.

These shocking allegations were made by one of the closest friends of the “Dirty Dancing” star.

Swayze died in 2009 at the age of 57 after battling pancreatic cancer. His wife, Lisa, who is now 62 years old and has.